Telecom Analytics

Our Approach

At DAS42, we meet telecommunications companies where they are. Whether your organization aims to progress through the data maturity spectrum, or tackle specific use cases, our team is here to help.

With our deep expertise in telecom analytics and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions, we empower you to unlock the full potential of your data and drive business success.

Our approach is built on five key pillars, each focused on leveraging the power of data to drive efficiency, enhance service quality, and optimize operational performance:

  1. Network Analytics & Dashboarding:
    Establish a single source of truth by standardizing data definitions across customers, locations, devices, incidents, and any other relevant business granularity. This unified data foundation enables consolidating information from multiple sources through sophisticated integration techniques. The result? Dynamic, self-serve dashboards and customer-facing portals that deliver real-time visibility into key service metrics and KPIs, allowing immediate, data-driven decision-making across business stakeholders and providing customers with transparent insights.

  2. Operational Insights:
    Gain visibility into your OSS and BSS tools, and unlock robust reporting on KPIs including, but not limited to: technician performance, dispatch costs, and operational expenses to optimize resourcing. Apply machine learning and pattern detection to incident data, pinpointing opportunities to enhance NOC processes. AI-driven recommendations help automate event correlation, root cause analysis, and enable continuous operational improvements.

  3. Automation of Business Processes with Workflows:
    Streamline critical processes like device provisioning and configuration through automation, reducing manual effort and human error. Continuously monitor service delivery against orders, flagging discrepancies to ensure accuracy. With automated workflow capabilities, rapidly adapt network infrastructure in response to evolving needs or incidents.

  4. Predict & Prevent Churn:
    Leverage machine learning to analyze customer behavioral data and forecast churn risks, enabling proactive retention strategies such as increasing engagement with the customer with highly relatable content.

  5. Outage Prevention:
    Predictive models examine historical network data and real-time telemetry to anticipate potential outages before impact, triggering preventive actions and alerts.

Predicting Growth and Preventing Churn

It is critical for telecommunications companies to gain a competitive edge when it comes to retaining their existing customer base. In fact, one could argue that current macroeconomic conditions make customer retention more important than ever before. There is a vast set of data points and features that have been shown to be predictive of churn, and this data typically comes from a disparate and robust ecosystem of Operational and Business Support Systems. Wrangling this data and making it work as one harmonious platform can be daunting and time-consuming.

With the implementation of DAS42's Telecom Analytics solution, organizations can harness the power of AI and Snowflake to navigate this intricate data landscape, streamline their data governance, and transform this complexity into a strategic advantage, unlocking untapped opportunities for growth and success while driving predictability.

Our solution pinpoints high-propensity churn cases, empowering you to address customer pain points proactively and safeguard revenue before cancellations occur.

Below you will find the features we typically prioritize for building predictive churn models. Where applicable, DAS42 will leverage these data points, in addition to features that are specific to your business, to arm business leaders with the information they need to more effectively retain customers.


The DAS42 Advantage

Telecommunications analytics relies on data analysis tools and techniques, including data engineering, data modeling, machine learning, statistical analysis, and business intelligence platforms. The ultimate goal is to not only address immediate challenges but also position your operations for sustained success in a competitive landscape.

DAS42 does it better


Personalized approach

DAS42 takes a personalized approach, crafting solutions that align precisely with your organization's challenges. This customization allows for a more efficient and effective use of your data.


Continuous improvement

The DAS42 team is committed to ongoing refinement and optimization of your data, ensuring it aligns with your evolving business objectives and challenges.


Data empowerment

DAS42 provides intuitive and user-friendly dashboards, enabling self-service business intelligence and allowing your team to explore, visualize, and report on data effortlessly.

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