How a global communications platform met demand with a modern data stack

Published on October 20, 2022

How a global communications platform met demand with a modern data stack

Published on October 20, 2022 | 1 mins read

QOS Systems by Zayo scaling to meet growing data demands

You may have a wealth of information flowing through your company, but without a means to interpret it, it’s almost worthless. Making informed decisions with your data means having the right tools in place to break it down into manageable outputs. A FullStack Solution does just that – creates clarity from chaos. DAS42’s team of data analytics consultants helped to implement and optimize a modern data platform when scalability and performance became an issue for a leading global communications infrastructure platform.

What a modern data platform can do for you

QOS Networks by Zayo, a leading global communications infrastructure platform, was having trouble keeping up with internal data demands for the Zayo managed edge services. They needed to have accessible data in a holistic, governed, single source of truth. 

Distributing reliable and secure data across the organization while providing clients with timely insights proved to be a challenge. With Zayo’s current data platform in place there was no feasible path forward to meet their business needs. Implementing a modern data technology stack with Snowflake and developing some best practices so they can scale and meet the rapidly changing business needs was the main objective to keep this growing organization on the right track. Looker played a role as well as the main Business Intelligence tool, making sure that managers and executives were able to access high quality data when they needed it most. 

Learn more about how DAS42 helped design, optimize, and implement a Snowflake based solution to meet the ever growing data needs of Zayo in this case study.

Snowflake’s impact on business insights

The Snowflake Media Data Cloud optimizes processes and increases value for fast growing companies looking to accelerate their roadmap. DAS42 CEO Nick Amabile and Zayo AVP of Edge Software Engineering Jon Moss explain the benefits of Snowflake’s Data Cloud and how this platform can offer better business insights and greater visibility into your company’s network.

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