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Embrace a data-driven culture

Today, every company is a data company. The ability to quickly pull high-value insights from well-defined data is essential to the future success of any business. You might have all your data at your fingertips, but it means nothing if you don’t have defined business goals.

At DAS42, we’re doers—and we’ve done this before. We’ve learned that establishing a clear data strategy is the most effective way to glean the most from your data, and we’re here to help you do just that.

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How does it work?

Enterprise business strategies enable a truly data-driven culture—one that really walks the walk. Data must be readily available company-wide and deliver actionable insights. We’ll help you get there by asking the right questions and prescribing a solution architecture for gaining clear, actionable insights. We’ll migrate your data to a centralized environment that can scale with you and make your analytics accessible across your organization to empower your team to embrace insights.

DAS42 does it better

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Deep knowledge and experience

We have a proven track record of working strategically and hands-on with data architects at leading organizations. We’re experts in the technology we prescribe and can offer valuable perspective on today’s complex data issues.
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Centralized workflow

We break down data silos and migrate your data to an organized environment to give you a clear line of sight into your business with reliable, centralized, and accessible data.
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Readily available data

We make your data accessible across your organization and empower your team to embrace insights through self-service training.

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Case Study

Faster insights for casual gaming company

Pacific Northwest-based game company needed to migrate away from a legacy system that was ineffectively analyzing the stream of data flowing from their games.

Case Study

Accelerating time to value

One of the world’s largest media companies approached us with a need to reach faster insights when forecasting digital viewership and ad impressions.


Case Study

Direct-sales digital-ad revenue forecasting

Helping broadcast and cable networks scale sales forecasting in order to answer key business questions.

Case Study

Anti-piracy data-warehouse modernization

Piracy, made easier by content streaming, is a major issue for media and entertainment companies. Many companies have entire departments dedicated to spotting infringing content, understanding the changing landscape, and figuring out how to respond.
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Start maximizing your data’s full potential