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Press play on data-driven growth

In the streaming era, it’s easy to feel data rich and insight poor. That’s why analyzing each aspect of the marketing funnel has never been more vital to operating an effective media and entertainment business. From acquisition to customer behavior, a well-organized data strategy helps you both monetize content and create better viewing experiences.

A full-funnel approach

Your data is not a snapshot—we understand you need to capture data at each point of the customer or consumer lifecycle. In media industries, a lot of information is typically collected in third party data silos, and entertainment is no different. That’s why our first step is helping you own, centralize, and organize your data in one place to have a single source of truth for your data.

To combat datasets being housed in disparate third party warehouses, our tailored analytic strategies let you see viewer demographics, location, numbers, and what and why they’re watching. Developing honest data practices builds trust and, in turn, consumers come to expect better, more entertaining content and recommendations. We believe that the more you know your audience, the better you’ll be able to generate viewership and drive traffic, and ultimately create more successful campaigns or business strategies going forward.

As a Snowflake Elite Services Partner, we use their Media Data Cloud as the cornerstone to implement industry best practices in data management, business intelligence, and analytics. Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud can help accelerate advertising revenue, acquire and maintain subscribers, deliver differentiated advertising technology, and solve your privacy challenges.

How we support Media & Entertainment

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Tailored analytics

Our customized analytic strategies let you see viewer demographics, location and numbers, as well as what they’re watching—and why.
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Better audience understanding

Our insights will allow you to really understand the preferences and habits of your customers. The better you know your audience, the better you’ll be able to generate viewership and drive traffic.

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Self-service insights

We upskill your team to access the specific data and insights they need when they need it.

Case Study

Direct-sales and programmatic digital ad revenue forecasting

Automating the booking curve for leading financial information website for accurate revenue forecasting across direct and indirect revenue streams.

Case Study

Video-ad inventory forecasting

Building customized models to enable a network to better monetize all available advertising inventory and avoid campaign under-delivery.


Case Study

Content distribution analysis

Collecting, correcting and normalizing performance data from a network’s myriad of content distribution partners.


Case Study

Audience-overlap insights

A popular brand within a network needed to solve big data questions on a short timeframe.

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Self-Service Analytics

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