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With proper architecture and data management practices, financial institutions can make strategic decisions that build trust and security with their customer base.

Two words: Automated analytics

A strong data analytics strategy in conjunction with machine learning helps you identify, monitor, and prioritize risks. This contributes to better insights for predictive analytics, allowing companies to forecast customer lifetime value and even inform stock market decisions. At DAS42, our strategies and solutions will help guide your institution’s decision-making processes surrounding the lifetime value of different customer segments relative to the cost of acquisition.

We offer you the ability to analyze a large spectrum of consumer behaviors to help determine efficient business practices. Plus, by accessing accurate analytics, your institution can allow for the near-automatic potential for additional, recurring up-selling and cross-selling financial tools, apps, and other products. Our solutions allow you to gain a direct line of sight into the more nuanced aspects of your customer’s behaviors.

How we support Financial Services

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We’ll save you time and money while helping you understand your customer for maximal, long-term growth.

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Put the potential for recurrent up-selling and cross-selling of additional financial tools and apps on autopilot.

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Benefit from greater efficiency, scale, flexibility and the calm confidence and ease of working with people who really see you.

Case Study

Direct-sales and programmatic digital-ad revenue forecasting

Automating the booking curve for a leading financial-information website to enable accurate revenue forecasting across direct- and indirect-revenue streams.

Case Study

Direct-sales digital-ad revenue forecasting

Helping broadcast and cable networks scale sales forecasting in order to answer key business questions.

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