Good data practices save more than time and money

Between time-sensitivity, confidentiality, and patient preferences, the healthcare industry faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to data. You must protect your patients’ privacy and overcome entrenched medical practices all the while providing an optimal level of care. Through proper data collection, a sound strategy, and immediate analytics, we can help you address these issues head-on.

Empower healthcare providers and insurers to make better decisions

Healthcare decisions rely on highly sensitive information and require timely action. Health insurance companies need to provide insightful recommendations to members based on their personal data, and consumers expect transparency and an exceptional experience with their insurance and care providers.

Knowing where the data is coming from, how that data is being collected, and what influencing factors there may be in the collection of that data enable more accurate datasets to be brought together. At DAS42, we help healthcare providers and insurers alike achieve well-organized data sets and accurate, meaningful analytics to make better decisions for their patients. By improving data maturity, we can help clients reach the predictive analytics they need for better insights, recommendations, and care in the long run.

How we support Healthcare

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Keep your focus elsewhere

Time is always of the essence with healthcare decisions. Our solutions to help you regularly monitor your data can take the weight off staff and infrastructure, allowing focus on patients to take precedence.
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Meet consumer expectations

Health insurance companies can’t compete with the benefits and strengths of their health plans alone. Our data analytics solutions can help deliver complete transparency and an exceptional experience at every stage of membership.

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Provide better long-term care

Insurers need to provide more insightful recommendations to members based on their personal data. Our predictive analytics capabilities allow for better insights, recommendations, and overall care in the long run.

Case Study

Leveraging Looker for a lifesaving mission

Be The Match partnered with us to help guide and implement their business-intelligence-modernization initiative to make meaningful decisions from their data to fulfill their lifesaving mission.


Case Study

Accelerating time to value

One of the world’s largest media companies approached us with a need to reach faster insights when forecasting digital viewership and ad impressions.


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Data Modernization & Migration

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Self-Service Analytics

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