Your product’s success could be hiding in your data

The interpretation of data is essential to a technology company’s long-term success—how is your product being used? Who is it being used by? Are renewals at risk? In order to centralize data for insightful analytics, you must first have data that is responsive and flexible to keep up in a competitive market. That’s where DAS42 comes in.

No more fragmented, duplicate or partial data

There are three primary data errors that affect tech companies and influence the bottom line. Fragmented data is the result of different tools being used by different people, duplicate data happens because of this fragmentation, and partial data happens when information is missing or simply incorrect.

We’ll partner with you to review all the inputs and ingestion of data from all the different sources and determine what we need to meet your initial reporting needs. After everything is standardized and we can create clean data sets, actual reporting can begin. Identifying the source of your problems means you can ask better questions of your data and, in turn, get better answers. At the end of the day, our solutions will help you analyze all your B2B interactions to better determine customer retention and engagement, inform sales of every detail of the pipeline, and aid in product development with our data management solutions.

How we support Technology

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Close deals

Knowing exactly how much time it takes to close a sale and convert leads can help tech sales teams function more efficiently.
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Better products

With technology services and products, licenses are often purchased. As companies grow and membership parameters shift, the ability to understand users enables you to cross-sell and deliver more effective products.


Predict buying habits

Predict buying habits and forecast up-selling or cross-selling opportunities through the aggregation of financial and sales data.

Case Study

Reducing Data Warehousing Costs

Even for the most data-focused companies, managing data and analytics platforms is outside of their core business. For many, it is more cost effective and efficient to use outside platform management experts instead of making the ongoing investment of resources and time to develop expertise in house.

Case Study

Faster data operationalization

We worked with the marketing team at the world’s largest sporting-goods brand in their sport. Their team initially came to us looking for a Customer Data Platform (CDP) but upon analysis we discovered a deeper problem lurking.


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