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Drive sales by tapping into the full potential of your consumer data

Most organizations use just 0.5% of all the consumer data in their possession. Imagine what you could do if you tapped into all of yours.

One vantage point, a 360° view

Often in ecommerce and retail spaces, a large chunk of data being gathered about consumers’ purchasing habits is siloed in proprietary software and external tools. But as predictive analytics technologies are advancing, dispersed data can be quickly and easily transformed into insights you can act on efficiently.

When all your purchasing metrics are in one place, you can make the necessary informed adjustments to your business strategy. With the help of our proven strategies—in addition to our trusted partners—your centralized data will give you actionable insights to drive sales and create repeat customers.

Our solutions offer you a clear line of sight into your data, so you can understand what’s holding your business back and what’s driving success. With effective data and analytics operations, you can benefit from higher revenues from cross-sell and up-sell campaigns, product research and development that’s data driven, better pricing for your products, and increased market competitiveness through competitor analysis and predictive analytics.

How we support eCommerce & Retail

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Simple reporting

Track how many shoppers land on a page, how they got there and what they’ll search for. We’re here to make financial reporting and ecommerce logistics simple.

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Clear metrics

Creating the proper KPIs and metrics in one place can help you quickly analyze product performance, especially when combined with marketing campaigns to test effectiveness.

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Better insights

Discover what impacts your profit margin and learn how to control the variables that affect it, making lifetime value repeat customers.

Case Study

Building a reliable data ecosystem for ecommerce growth

The creators of a new, hugely popular consumer product came to us for help with new data tools to support their growth.

Case Study

Faster data operationalization

We worked with the marketing team at the world’s largest sporting-goods brand in their sport. Their team initially came to us looking for a Customer Data Platform (CDP) but upon analysis we discovered a deeper problem lurking.

Case Study

Business intelligence for a growing food-delivery startup

Our client offers a new kind of home-dining experience, operating a fleet of food trucks that offer extraordinary food, made to order, in a mobile kitchen that comes to you.
Case Study

Creating a data infrastructure for a scaling-energy provider

A clean-energy innovator asked us to build the scalable infrastructure, centralized data and flexible reporting they needed to keep up with their rapid growth.


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