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Create better campaigns out of improved, more streamlined data

You need to know the relevant data and analytics of your web impressions, and you need them to be easily accessible. Our customized strategies will help streamline and centralize your data, and we’ll provide training so your team can self serve your new solutions.

Centralize it, sort it, predict it

In the industry, the amount of data available can be dizzying—including viewing habits, device choice, click-through rates, and more—but that information is critical to helping marketers decide what ads to run and in which channels.

But how are you supposed to sift through all those details and quickly gain the insights essential to understanding your target demographics?

At DAS42, we teach your team to leverage the correct tools and services to take premeditated actions and gain meaningful insights. Our custom solutions help industry professionals easily access their data analytics, create reports, and form targeted predictive analytics strategies. We help make accurate financial and performance reports readily available, and we utilize Looker—part of Google Cloud Platform—to act as an internal and external business intelligence tool for companies searching for better insights, and for their clients looking for data-driven results. Over time, these resources and strategies help you comb through the massive amount of data to determine overall ad effectiveness.

How we support Marketing Analytics & AdTech 


Consolidated data

By leveraging best-in-class technology solutions, you’ll have access to aggregated, organized and streamlined data insights.


Understand performance

Our preferred tools and strategies help you comb through all your data to determine overall ad effectiveness quickly and easily.

Self-service capabilities

We offer self-service data and reporting solutions that remove roadblocks to your organization’s success.

Case Study

Enabling Q4 growth for an ad server

Our client runs thousands of servers for their clients, serving up digital ads and gathering data on multiple aspects of each ad, including ad type, associated campaign, device views, clicktracking and more, and was looking to enable growth through their data.

Case Study

Direct-sales digital-ad revenue forecasting

Helping broadcast and cable networks scale sales forecasting in order to answer key business questions.

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