Cash in on a treasure trove of gamer data

A wide variety of data is generated by in-game activities. Our job is to help you gather and interpret it, so you can understand your players and create better user experiences that support your overall business strategy.

Distill valuable gaming moments

Gaming data can be extensive and complex. Whether you’re looking to analyze user engagement to understand marketing campaign effectiveness, or you want to understand which aspects of your game are too difficult or uninteresting, you need to have the right analytics at your fingertips.

Proper analytics give valuable insights into timing. For instance, when drop-off rates increase, a coupon could be given as an incentive, or bonus currency could be awarded. Companies also often want to compare stats across different games so they can determine what engagement looks like for existing versus new games. This helps determine consumer trends and gives insights into what players are expecting. Because user actions are all happening in-game, it’s challenging to analyze and aggregate and Nontechnical people may have difficulty comprehending event data.

At DAS42, we ask the right questions to help get to the root of your most urgent business needs. Our solutions help you distill valuable moments in-game and organize these large data sets for easier access and better insights—ones that can be reached and understood regardless of technical background.

How we support Gaming

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Valuable perspective

Understand purchase psychology and market more effectively.


User insights

We’ll help you look at active users, their monetization rates, and how they make their purchases, so you can maximize accessibility and purchasability.
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Optimized gamer experiences

Gain a better sense of the effectiveness of your marketing, but also hone-in on metrics like a game’s difficulty and engagement. That makes for an undeniably better gamer experience.

Case Study

Faster insights for casual gaming company

Pacific Northwest-based game company needed to migrate away from a legacy system that was ineffectively analyzing the stream of data flowing from their games.

Case Study

Faster data operationalization

We worked with the marketing team at the world’s largest sporting-goods brand in their sport. Their team initially came to us looking for a Customer Data Platform (CDP) but upon analysis we discovered a deeper problem lurking.

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