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To keep up in a data-driven world, requests for data and analytics simply cannot be bottlenecked with one team. With an ever-growing demand for more flexibility and self-reliance on reporting and analysis, it’s important that any individual within your organization can get what they need when they need it. We have a strong perspective on which tools can best address your needs, and we’re here to help you leverage those tools to the best of your ability.
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How does it work?

From our point of view, Looker—part of Google Cloud platform—is the best-in-class business intelligence tool that fully leverages the power of modern databases like Snowflake. It allows you to build platforms that work best for your organization’s specific needs, and we work alongside you to help build the reports, dashboards, and insights critical to understanding and addressing business problems. Our solutions allow for user independence, alleviating a burden often placed on internal IT and analytics teams and allowing them to focus on more pressing tasks.

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Efficient insights

The best business intelligence tools allow businesses to produce information and insights immediately. Our solutions enable users to build their own reports and conduct their own analyses to innovate more quickly.

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Customized solutions

Our team embodies deep technical experience with Looker and other industry-leading products and prescribes best use cases for them based on your unique business needs.

Competitive edge

Our tools will position your organization to better compete within your industry through modern, agile technologies and platforms that offer the ability to better harness opportunities.

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Piracy, made easier by content streaming, is a major issue for media and entertainment companies. Many companies have entire departments dedicated to spotting infringing content, understanding the changing landscape, and figuring out how to respond.


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Helping broadcast and cable networks scale sales forecasting in order to answer key business questions.


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Creating a data infrastructure for a scaling energy provider

A clean-energy innovator asked us to build the scalable infrastructure, centralized data and flexible reporting they needed to keep up with their rapid growth.


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Building a reliable data ecosystem for ecommerce growth

The creators of a new, hugely popular consumer product came to us for help with new data tools to support their growth.

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