About Us

Evolving your data ecosystem

At DAS42, we have a point of view on your data, and we’ve been in your shoes. We know that in order to have an effective data analytics environment and a data-centric company culture, you need:
A full tech stack of products that address immediate needs and evolve with your business
A single team that oversees and is responsible for the entirety of your data flow
We’ve designed our holistic approach to marry deep technical experience with industry-leading products that we use ourselves to prescribe solutions tailored to your most urgent business needs.
  • Centralized and democratized data that can help you bring order to your data ecosystem and help meet the demand for quality data that is critical to thriving in a data-driven world.
  • Defined and standardized metrics, reports, and KPIs that can be implemented across the organization to ensure consistency across teams, as well as automated quality checks that ensure trust in your data.
  • A flexible data strategy that can grow and evolve with your business to keep up with the pace of change in your industry.
  • Accurate, timely, and relevant data insights—accessible to the right people in your organization—that help you realize the value of your data faster and enable you to confidently and accurately predict, forecast, and plan.
Your dedicated DAS42 team is capable and empowered to engage wherever needed in your data ecosystem—whether in a specific area or end-to-end—to help you get the most valuable insights. Our approach affords you greater efficiency, scale, flexibility, and the calm confidence and ease of working with people who really see you, the problems you face, and the potential for the future.

Taking your data from chaos to clarity

When it comes to your data, what are the pain points your organization is facing? Is it coming from different sources that can’t be related or merged? Are data requests bottlenecking with an analyst or IT team? Is more time being spent on information retrieval and data preparation than high-value analysis? Our approach takes into account the need to not only address your challenges, but to set up your organization for continued, repeatable success in the future.

Learn what drives us, who we work with, and how we do it.

We’re a nationwide team of data analysts, scientists, and engineers who are as passionate about your data as you are.