Data Governance

 Improve and maintain the quality of your data

If you want to own your data, devising a plan for quality data governance is essential. Data governance provides transparency into your data. It paves the way for delving into more profound questions about your data, leading to a deeper understanding. It encompasses aspects such as change management, data cataloging, documentation, data lineage, data quality, and data integrity to provide your organization with a single source of truth.

By empowering your team with complete visibility and control over data definitions and metrics, you can transform your data from chaos to clarity. When gathering data from all facets of your business, it's vital to set clear guidelines—defined standards, policies, and processes. These are essential for fostering a self-service, data-driven culture and ensuring accessibility for all stakeholders.

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How does it work?

Effective data governance of processes such as data replication, data archival, security, data backup, metadata management (MDM), and data traceability have a direct, positive impact on your business. In giving context to your data, we’ll help you transform information into knowledge, predictions, and insights. As a result, you will remain more competitive and agile, proactively meet customer needs, and keep costs in check.

"DAS42 allows us to offer our customers far greater visibility into their network while enabling us to achieve scalable, cost-effective business practices. They provide deep expertise, a unique approach, and agility in execution, resulting in real business value from BI analytics."

Jon Moss, AVP of Edge Software Engineering, Zayo

DAS42 does it better

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Holistic approach

We implement a full tech stack of products that address immediate needs and evolve with your business.

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Customized solutions

Our team has extensive technical expertise in industry-leading products and provides tailored recommendations on the best ways to use them based on your business needs.

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Self-service analytics

We enhance your team’s skills by offering reporting training to self-service real-time data and analytics solutions.

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Be The Match partnered with us to help guide and implement their business-intelligence-modernization initiative to make meaningful decisions from their data to fulfill their lifesaving mission.

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We worked with the marketing team at the world’s largest sporting-goods brand in their sport. Their team initially came to us looking for a Customer Data Platform (CDP) but upon analysis we discovered a deeper problem lurking.

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