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Why Data Modernization Matters for Sales Leaders

December 20, 2023
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Driving Revenue and Sales Productivity Gains

For sales leaders, increasing revenue and sales productivity is a constant battle. To stay competitive and reach targets, having complete visibility into sales operations and performance metrics is essential. This is where data modernization comes into play.

The Power of Data Maturity

Data maturity is characterized by the ability to consistently leverage high-quality, governed data to drive critical business decisions and outcomes. For sales teams, this means using data to uncover customer insights, forecast accurately, monitor rep performance, and continuously optimize processes. The result? Tangible revenue and productivity gains.

Challenges in Modern Sales

  • Incomplete Customer Data:
    • Lacking a unified view of the customer across the sales cycle results in fragmentation of capabilities across multiple systems and tools, contradictory recommendations, and reduced opportunities.
  • Inaccurate Forecasting:
    • Fluctuating market conditions, out-of-date data, and internal biases impact sales predictions, leading to missed quotas.
  • Lead Scoring:
    • Difficulty prioritizing leads without data-driven insights leads to wasting time in manual analysis or relying on “gut feel” and human biases.
  • Funnel Leakage:
    • Organizations have difficulty pinpointing where and why prospects drop off in the sales funnel.

Overcoming Challenges with Data Maturity

  • 360 Customer View:
    • Modern platforms allow data from all sales tools, channels, and sources to be consolidated into a unified profile for the complete history of prospect and customer touchpoints across all channels, helping eliminate duplication and discrepancies.
  • Data-Driven Forecasts:
    • Apply advanced analytics to customer and pipeline data to uncover trends, predict behaviors, and improve forecast accuracy.
  • Intelligent Lead Scoring:
    • Use machine learning algorithms to analyze customer attributes and behaviors to score and prioritize high-value leads for follow-up automatically.
  • Funnel Analysis:
    • Conduct a granular sales funnel analysis to identify drop-off points, bottlenecks, and conversion blockers across each stage to optimize the sales process.

DAS42 Solutions

Assurance for Strategic Decisions

Data modernization provides a clear path to revenue growth and improved sales productivity. With complete customer data, accurate forecasting, and actionable insights, sales teams can have the confidence and capabilities to hit their numbers. At DAS42, we partner with you throughout your data maturity journey. Discover if you’re making the most of your data by taking our quiz today.

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