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Why Data Modernization Matters for Finance Leaders

December 8, 2023
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Driving Confidence in Data-Driven Decisions

For finance leaders, having trust and confidence in data is critical for strategic planning and decision-making. However, disjointed systems, manual processes, and poor data quality erode that confidence. Data modernization provides the foundation for generating reliable, data-driven business insights.

The Power of Data Maturity

A data-mature organization can consistently leverage complete, trusted, and timely data. With mature data practices, finance teams can have full confidence in performance metrics and analytics and dramatically reduce manual efforts. This shift is pivotal in optimizing strategic planning and forecast accuracy.

Challenges in Modern Finance

  • Scattered Systems:
    • Siloed financial data across multiple platforms makes it difficult to get a unified view of the business and see trends and patterns.
  • Unreliable Metrics:
    • Concerns about the accuracy of KPIs and reporting cast doubt on insights and result in expensive reconciliation processes.
  • Slow Insights:
    • Manual financial reporting processes are time-consuming and limit agility.
  • Blind Spots:
    • Lack of visualization and insights into budgets and forecasts creates an overreliance on “gut feelings.”

Overcoming Challenges with Data Maturity

  • Trusted Metrics:
    • Consolidate data from all systems and implement data quality controls to validate metrics and ensure confidence in the accuracy and completeness of KPIs.
  • Unified Reporting:
    • Automate the integration and transformation of financial data across systems to enable unified reporting that provides holistic insights.
  • Agile Forecasting:
    • Build flexible models to process granular data and run what-if scenarios, enabling dynamic forecasts that provide actionable insights.
  • Enhanced Visibility:
    • Create interactive dashboards connected to your centralized data platform that provides up-to-date visibility into budgets, audits, financial performance, and more.

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Assurance for Strategic Decisions

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