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Successful, sustainable data modernization requires more than meets the eye

Nick Amabile


April 12, 2021
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From saving on the maintenance and management costs associated with on-prem environments to the increased flexibility for storage and computing capacity, cloud-driven data modernization is a hot topic for every business.

However, too many organizations underestimate the holistic approach required for a successful digital transformation. If you try and undertake a cloud migration by simply replicating your existing processes in a new technology, you’ll never see the benefits or return on investment.

To truly capitalize on the possibilities of cloud-based storage and analytics, you need to rethink how your business uses data analytics.

This white paper will enable you to kickstart that process. You’ll learn:

  • The wealth of benefits made possible through a successful and sustainable data modernization.
  • How a “top-down” approach to a cloud migration puts your business goals first.
  • The organizational support and workflow changes that a data modernization program requires.
  • The critical importance of integrating data into your existing workflows to increase adoption rates of your new data program.
  • How DAS42 approaches data modernization through the lens of your existing use cases to help you manage the challenges in creating a sustainable data modernization.