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Hey, ChatGPT, is My Data in Disarray, Unreliable, and Too Complex?

Jason Woodrum
October 24, 2023
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Explore if artificial intelligence is the path forward for data-driven business decisions.

The Internet is alive and buzzing with the latest technology craze, artificial intelligence (AI), but what is it, and how do we truly harness its power in the business world?

At DAS42, our data and analytics consultants hear the “buzz” and have observed that many organizations haven’t gotten beyond generative AI (GenAI) like ChatGPT. Most of us have used ChatGPT to write a letter, a poem, or a silly song, but that won’t move the revenue needle. The content output from ChatGPT has sound grammar and vocabulary but is not always technically accurate, which is of no value in the general consumer space and professional setting. The largest area where GenAI misses the mark is that it doesn’t have YOUR data to work with (read Snowflake and Nvidia Partnership for LLM Model Factory). 

If you don’t have the relevant data available in your data environment, GenAI can’t retrieve it for you. So, asking questions like, “Hey, ChatGPT, what does my financial forecast look like for the next two years?” or “Hey, ChatGPT, is my data disorganized, unreliable, or too complex?” won’t yield useful answers.

If the answer to any of the state of your data questions above is “yes,” perhaps the answer you’re looking for is “42,” and this is what we, at DAS42, retrieve the answer for during our data and analytics consulting work. 

So, how will AI positively impact the business world? In the upcoming era of AI, the focus will shift toward large language models (LLMs) that specialize in synthesis and analysis, known as SynthAI. The goal is to enhance both the quality and speed of human decision-making. One of its primary uses is to summarize large amounts of information that would be difficult for humans to process manually. Ultimately, SynthAI aims to help people make better decisions more quickly.

Companies like Snowflake are already looking toward the future with products like Snowpark. This tool enables developers to write transformation and machine learning code using Python (or Java). The code can then run on Snowflake’s virtual warehouses, eliminating the need to manage separate computing infrastructure.

However, it’s essential not to stop here and return to our daily coding tasks. It’s worth examining some of Snowflake’s recent acquisitions to grasp what the future holds.

  • Neeva. This search company was founded to make search even more intelligent at scale. Neeva created a unique and transformative search experience that leverages GenAI and other innovations to allow users to query and discover data in new ways.
  • Streamlit. The go-to platform for developers to experiment and build LLM-powered GenAI apps.
  • Applica. A document automation solution that uses deep learning to sort information, regardless of data type.

These acquisitions address every organization’s fundamental challenge—how to use relevant data to make quick, accurate decisions that will propel the organization forward. The keyword in the previous sentence isn’t quick or accurate; it’s actually relevant. Sorting through the noise that data can create and finding the appropriate answer is the true power of SynthAI. And this is why we at DAS42 have the following mission statement:

DAS42 is a data consultancy with a modern point of view. Our team of experts use insights and analytics—along with best-in-class technology—to bring clarity to your complex data issues and help you take control of your data to reach your goals faster, transforming your organization for long-term success.

At DAS42, we are excited about artificial intelligence and its role in helping organizations with data insights. We know that data-driven companies are 23 times more likely to acquire customers and 19 times more likely to be profitable, according to McKinsey Global Institute.  Our approach of helping clients gain valuable insights by asking the right questions and leveraging the right technology at the right time is where we excel. AI won’t fix your data problems alone, so leverage business experts like DAS42 to prescribe the best way to harness this innovation and technology.  

Ready to get started or unsure where to begin? Take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation to learn how we can help your organization no matter where you are in the data maturity lifecycle. You can also take our data maturity quiz to learn how we can help your organization no matter where you are in the data maturity lifecycle.

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