The State of Data Analytics in Media & Entertainment virtual panel

January 20, 2023
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The State of Data Analytics in Media & Entertainment virtual panel breakdown

Media & Entertainment data analytics experts Anita Lynch, formerly of Disney Streaming Services, Daniel Morris of Warner Bros. Discovery, Bill Stratton of Snowflake, and Benjamin Reid of DAS42 shared their insight and answered your questions about the future of data analytics in the industry. The discussion was guided by the insights derived from DAS42’s 2022 State of the Media & Entertainment Industry report based on a survey of industry professionals.

The Media & Entertainment industry is more data reliant than ever with Contextual Targeting, Data Governance, and Consumer Privacy all being top priorities for data professionals. Our teams of consultants understand your pain points and stay up on current trends to ensure we’re using the right tools to get your data where it needs to be. That’s actually one the of main questions we ask clients as we start their data optimization process together: Can your company deliver quality data to the right people when they need it most? Having a holistic view of your company’s data is crucial to ensuring that work is optimized and probably targeting the markets you need to be in. We covered these topics and more in our The State of Data Analytics in Media & Entertainment Virtual Panel.

Missed the virtual panel? Check out the webinar recording below to view the entire engaging discussion.


  • Anita Lynch, Former Vice President, Data Governance – DMED & Disney Streaming Data, The Walt Disney Company
  • Daniel Morris, Head of DTC Global Business Intelligence & Analytics at HBO Max and d+, Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Bill Stratton, Head, Media, Entertainment & Advertising, Snowflake 
  • Benjamin Reid, Practice Lead – BI and Data Warehousing, DAS42 

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