Targeted Predictive Analytics Applications

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When looking from supply chain to end user, it’s important to understand what may impact your bottom line at any stage. By helping you organize and understand your data, we can help you eliminate overhead, streamline business practices, free up time for your employees to do better reporting and make more accurate forecasts for future business practices.

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How does it work?

We’ll guide you before, during, and after the migration process. Everything starts with asking you the right questions so we can develop a customized migration plan that perfectly matches your needs, defining the opportunities and limitations of your existing data.

Before anything moves, we’ll clean up your data. Starting fresh makes for a more holistic organizational transformation, rather than siloed changes in each department. In no time, you and your teams can expect more in-depth business intelligence and more insightful data.

DAS42 does it better

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Enhanced UX

Our insights can help you improve customer service and allow you to create better user experiences throughout your business.

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Quality (and quantity)

Better data helps a business's bottom line. Our streamlined, automated data sets enable you to focus on specific figures and draw concentrated conclusions instead of sifting through siloed information.

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Forward thinking

Understanding your consumer better today helps you prepare for a more sustainable future. Powerful data visualization tools like Looker enable organizations to predict more easily what tomorrow will look like.

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