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We help build data analytics applications that directly address business needs and drive transformation.

Creating Analytic Tools Tailored to Your Industry

No matter your industry, the ever-increasing amount of data available as well as the presence of machine learning is creating a new standard around which powerful business intelligence and analytics applications need to be built. We’re passionate about helping companies build these solutions in the modern age of data-driven culture.

Strategizing Real World Applications

We help you identify gaps in your existing data application strategies or develop new applications that will allow you to develop a roadmap for company success. Our tried and true level of engagement with our clients ensures that we meet your objectives.

A Team of Experts

Our team is our most valuable asset in our ability to deliver enterprise level service. We have a robust group of analytics specialists, experienced engineers, and project managers. With DAS42, you’ll be maximizing your opportunities to devise game-changing business strategies on time and on budget.

Leveraging A Proven Tech Stack

We design, build, and deploy applications using a few platforms and tools, some of which you already know and love. If you have an existing platform, we’ll work with it to build the right solution. Or we can help you choose the right technologies for your desired applications.

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Where This Fits in Our FullStack Philosophy

Enterprise Data Strategy

Having all of your data at your fingertips is worthless if you don’t have definable business goals. 

We start every engagement by establishing how data can be leveraged to achieve your aims. The strategy we develop with you informs every aspect of our work together. Even though we identify strategy as a level, keep in mind that it informs everything that we do.

Case Study:

Enabling Q4 Growth for an Ad Server

Our client runs thousands of servers for their clients, serving up digital ads and gathering data on multiple aspects of each ad; what ads they serve, the campaign associated with it, what device it was seen on, clicks, etc. Every ad they serve up generates a significant amount of data, and across the internet ads are being served up constantly. All of that data needs to be seamlessly aggregated from the logs generated in each server. From that data, they generate reports that they present to their advertising agency clients.
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DAS42 is really good at systems integration when it comes to data technology and data pipelines. They bring a wealth of experience which allows them to tailor their solutions to each client. DAS42 is not a cookie cutter system integrator. They're very unique, and able to be agile, and pretty much do whatever the customer needs in order to be successful with Snowflake.

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Katie Ecklund
Director SI Alliances- North America, Snowflake

Whether its B2B applications like retention and engagement across platforms in SaaS industries, or more B2C related issues like simply getting customers products on time, we’ll help you develop application solutions that you can tailor to your data in order to find bottlenecks or opportunities in your business to help you function at your best.

Analytics Applications are a form of Business Intelligence

Analytic applications are a type of software or a combination of tools used to measure and improve the performance of business operations. Applications use data gained during business operations to provide people with information that allows them to make improvements in the way their business functions.

The Data Maturity Curve

We’ll help you come up with a formula of data applications that work best for your business, but it is helpful to understand the maturity levels for business intelligence:

  • operational reporting
  • analytic reporting
  • business dashboards
  • analytic applications
  • predictive analytics

Analytic Applications means better performance management

Analytics is obviously only a part of what makes your business succeed. They can help track certain business processes (such as supply chain analysis, accounts payable analytics, or risk and profitability analysis) but is a significant supporting factor of overall business decision-making.

Beyond Just Data Warehousing

To qualify as an application (rather than simply as a data warehousing tool), data analytics applications should promote automation in order to make targeted predictive analytics possible. 

  • They utilize a data warehouse that has already been optimized for analysis (data-led automation)
  • They generate reports and dashboards based on that data structure (reporting led automation)
  • They analyze the what-ifs and scenarios that could lead to better profitability (predictive analytics)

Predictive Analytics for Ultimate Profitability

The different levels of applications can be developed as individual functions, but they can also be banded together as a single product that targets your business needs. Working with DAS42, we can customize the perfect product to suit your needs and get the questions you want to ask answered!

Our FullStack Philosophy

Find out more about our FullStack philosophy and how we can help you evolve from data chaos to targeted predictive analytics.

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