Data & Cloud Analytics Strategy

Enterprise business strategies that enable a truly data driven culture.

Developing a Clear Strategy for Success

We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve learned from many years operating online businesses that coming up with a clear data strategy is the most effective way to glean the most from your data. That’s why Our FullStack Philosophy drives everything we do.

One Team to Rule Them All

One team must own the complete flow of data. In traditional workflows, the number of analysts increases in proportion to company growth. This leads to messy siloed data. Bringing it all under one roof creates a structure that enables your business to scale.

Making Data Readily Available

Data must be readily available company-wide, and provide insights that are actionable and easy to understand. We’ll help you get there by asking the right questions and coming up with a clear strategy for gaining clear actionable insights.

A Data-Driven Culture

We have helped many companies in a variety of industries adopt a data-driven culture where employees embrace the use of data tools that are secure, performant, and easy-to-use. We build solutions that empower teams and increase revenue.

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Where This Fits in Our FullStack Philosophy

Enterprise Data Strategy

Having all of your data at your fingertips is worthless if you don’t have definable business goals. 

We start every engagement by establishing how data can be leveraged to achieve your aims. The strategy we develop with you informs every aspect of our work together. Even though we identify strategy as a level, keep in mind that it informs everything that we do.

Case Study:

Enabling Q4 Growth for an Ad Server

Our client runs thousands of servers for their clients, serving up digital ads and gathering data on multiple aspects of each ad; what ads they serve, the campaign associated with it, what device it was seen on, clicks, etc. Every ad they serve up generates a significant amount of data, and across the internet ads are being served up constantly. All of that data needs to be seamlessly aggregated from the logs generated in each server. From that data, they generate reports that they present to their advertising agency clients.
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“I view Nick and DAS42 as the single most important strategic partner external to Snowflake that I have in the business. If somebody came to me and said, "You get to wave a magic wand and you can place any partner on this account, who are you going to choose? It’s DAS42 first every single time.”

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Evan Blake
Sales Director, Strategic Accounts, Snowflake

Give us your tired, poor, huddled data yearning to breathe!

Break Down Silos & Liberate your Data

Break down data silos and place your data in an environment where it can quickly grow and remain organized. Create an atmosphere of accessibility in your company, so that individuals can pull the information they need to reach business insights. Empower your employees to ask better questions of your data and take proactive steps to improve customer retention and increase revenue.

We Believe All Companies are Data Companies

In today’s world of ever-advancing technology, you cannot ignore data. The ability to quickly pull high-value insights from well-defined data is increasingly critical to the future success of any business.

Why We’ve Developed a Trusted Technology Stack

Our expertise drives the success of analysts, data engineering teams, and executives by giving them modern tools they love to work with—tools that are agile enough to enable large enterprises to respond at startup speed. We’re well-versed in the tools available and have developed a system that works across multiple industries.

Our Expertise

DAS42 was born to bridge the gap between business and technology. A team of data analysts, scientists, and engineers, we have a deep commitment to creating successful companies through data. Our founders have over 10 years of experience helping businesses strategize for the future. We understand the importance of data in making timely, informed business decisions that give companies a competitive advantage.

Our FullStack Philosophy

Find out more about our FullStack philosophy and how we help you elevate your use of data from chaos to holistic targeted predictive analytics.

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