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​​DAS42 + Google Cloud Platform

DAS42 helps you modernize your data flow and define your data strategy with best-in-class Google Cloud technologies.

Google Cloud Platform Offers Solutions Across the Tech Stack

No matter what you want to achieve, you need a modern tech stack built to serve up more in-depth and insightful business intelligence. Google Cloud’s fully managed, multicloud analytics platform empowers everyone to get insights while eliminating constraints of scale, performance, and cost. Google Cloud is one of the platforms we rely on to build the foundation of a holistic DAS42 data FullStack solution.

DAS42 has received Google Cloud expertise certifications for Data Lake Modernization and Data Warehouse Modernization. We are also an Authorized Google Cloud reseller in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program.

    Data Warehouse Modernization

    Google Cloud’s BigQuery is fully managed and serverless, and lets you get more from your data warehouse. With BigQuery, you can solve for today's most challenging demands and scale your business with built-in advanced and multicloud capabilities.

    Seamless Data Integration

    Ingest, process, and analyze event streams in real time to make data more useful and accessible as soon as it’s generated with Google Cloud’s Dataflow. Dataflow enables fast, simplified streaming data pipeline development that’s serverless, cost-effective, and keeps your data flowing frictionlessly.

    Fully Managed Workflow Orchestration

    Author, schedule, and monitor your workflows through a single orchestration tool—Cloud Composer—whether your pipeline lives on-premises, in multiple clouds, or fully within Google Cloud. Cloud Composer's managed nature and Apache Airflow compatibility provides freedom from lock-in for customers as well as integration with a broad number of platforms.

    Actionable, Accessible Business Intelligence

    Fully leverage the power of your cloud data warehouse with Looker, and empower users to develop reports, dashboards, and visualizations on all of your data with no technical skill required. Because it operates on your data where it lives, Looker does not need to extract subsets or aggregates so you can deploy and iterate quickly. Using LookerML -- a lightweight data modeling layer -- we create a consistent and reliable source of truth for key metrics anyone can use.

    Looker is our data exploration, modeling, visualization, reporting, and discovery self-service business intelligence partner. We are an Advanced Looker Partner.

      Case Study:

      Faster Data Operationalization

      We worked with the marketing team at the world’s largest sporting goods brand in their sport. Their team initially came to us looking for a Customer Data Platform (CDP). Following our analysis of their business needs and technology solutions, we discovered a deeper problem: They were accessing their data through a third party service provider.
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      Why We Choose Google Cloud Platform

      More Iterative Analysis

      With traditional data warehousing, it takes people too long to operationalize their data. Google Cloud allows for more standardization of your data collection processes (things like customer segments), which allows for more iterative analytics.

      Outdated service providers may take weeks to deliver the reporting you need. Google Cloud enables you to get insights within minutes. This allows you to iterate on your data analysis and ask better questions of your data more quickly, without waiting between queries.

      Faster, More Effective, and More Transparent

      We can migrate your existing data to Google Cloud using BigQuery, which is easy to set up and doesn’t require a database administrator.

      We’ll help you decide exactly what analytics you should be building out. Get your data analysis up and running quickly and cost-effectively and uncover meaningful insights that keep you ahead of the competition.

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      Know Your Data

      Google Cloud gives you the transparency you want and enables you to ask questions in minutes. Quickly analyze massive amounts of data using ANSI SQL with no operational overhead. Seamlessly democratize your data insights with a more secure platform that scales and integrates with existing cloud technologies.

      With Google Cloud, users can access all their data and slice and dice it with a standardized set of definitions. You can easily extract insights from your data, like what defines a high-value customer. When transferred to your marketing platform, that can be a powerful tool for business.

      Modernizing, migrating, and consolidating your data allows faster time to insight. We’ll help you define your metrics, QA your data, and help you understand your data flow and how to leverage other existing and newer cloud tools to get the most out of your data.

      DAS42 has extensive experience with Google Cloud Platform technologies, including:

      • BigQuery
      • Google Cloud Storage
      • Cloud Build
      • Cloud Composer
      • Cloud NAT
      • Google Compute Engine
      • Cloud Functions
      • Kubernetes
      • Looker
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