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Who We AreFullStack Philosophy

Who We Are

A nation-wide team of data analysts, scientists, entrepreneurs, and engineers, we are a collegial group of people with a deep commitment to our craft.


Our FullStack Philosophy

In order to have an effective data analytics environment and a data-centric company culture, you need a full techstack of products overseen by a single team that is responsible for the entirety of your data flow. 

Our FullStack Philosophy combines both of these elements. We find this to be the best approach to drawing timely actionable insights from data.

We’ll help you devise a data-driven business strategy and then build analytics systems customized to meet your specific needs, leveraging the best data collection tools, data warehousing, and analytics platforms available today. 

Next, we’ll work alongside your internal business analytics and IT teams to transfer the skills they need.


All Companies are Data Companies

Everyone from mom-and-pop stores to global enterprises work with data. Our expertise drives the success of analysts, data engineering teams, and executives at enterprise scale by giving you modern tools that are a joy to work with and are agile enough to enable global enterprises to operate at startup speeds.


Data Sharing Over Data Silos

You need to work with your data holistically. We can help you gather all of your data in one place and share it with decision makers throughout your organization.


Create a Reliable Source of Truth

Stop having discussions about the reliability of your data and start having discussions about the insights revealed within the data. We will help you create a standardized and centralized source of truth for metrics and business definitions.


Reduce Time to Insight

Through the applications that we build, you can create analytics that inform strategic thinking and allow you to initiate and analyze new strategies and quickly react to changing business and market dynamics.

Data Consulting & Implementation

We’re a FullStack solution company that provides data strategy consulting, tech stack integrations, application implementation, analytics training, and more. Our solutions allow you to answer increasingly complex questions.

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Data Chaos

In the beginning, your data is in a fractured, barely usable state.

  • Data from different sources can't be related and merged.
  • Time is wasted reconciling different numbers for the same metric.
  • More time is spent on information retrieval and data preparation than high-value analysis.
  • Requests for data go through an analyst/IT team causing a bottleneck.
  • Reports are too old to inform current decisions and to be used proactively.
  • Changes to reports and key metrics are costly and can't keep pace with business dynamics.
  • Only subsets of data are available for analysis.

Enterprise Data Strategy

Having all of your data at your fingertips is worthless if you don’t have definable business goals. 

We start every engagement by establishing how data can be leveraged to achieve your aims. The strategy we develop with you informs every aspect of our work together. Even though we identify strategy as a level, keep in mind that it informs everything that we do.

FullStack Foundation Building

No matter what you want to achieve, you need a modern tech stack built to serve up more in-depth and insightful business intelligence.

  • Data Centralization & Warehousing - We partner with Fivetran and Snowflake to migrate your data out of disparate silos and into a secure, cloud-based data warehouse. These cost-effective on-demand platforms seamlessly scale and require no infrastructure to manage.
  • Data Integration - Draw on data from every corner of your business with Segment, our data consolidation and integration partner. Keep your data flowing frictionlessly.
  • Business Intelligence Data Platform - Looker is our data exploration, modeling, visualization, reporting, and discovery self-service business intelligence partner. With your data in the Looker platform, quality is no longer an issue and a single source of truth can be established.

A Unifying Element

An overarching principle, data governance is composed of three different, but related items:

  • Change Management: Understand the impact of changes to your data.
  • Data Discovery: Know where your data is coming from, its lineage, and what transformations have affected it. Think of this as meta-data around or about your data.
  • Master Data Management: Be sure that the information coming out of different systems, such as naming conventions, are consistent and conforms to the same business rules.

Data Access Made Easy

A Looker Advanced Consulting Partner, we customize their platform to create modular, reusable, and trusted metric definitions.

We build on this best-in-class business intelligence data platform to give you customized data analytics applications (dashboards) created to meet your specific needs.

Data Analytics Training

By combining enterprise-grade security, data quality, and data governance, our solutions empower teams to put their data to work.

We can teach you and your teams how to get a holistic view of every aspect of your customers, products, and business, make data operational, and create opportunities for you to discover actionable insights.

Targeted Predictive Analytics

Get on the road to leveraging predictive analytics that move your company at the velocity of modern data.

Once you have a comprehensive intra-department data performance overview, you can create scenarios that automatically kick in when predetermined parameters are met.

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