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Who We AreWorking With Us

Who We Are

A nation-wide team of data analysts, scientists, entrepreneurs, and engineers, we are a collegial group of people with a deep commitment to our craft.

Working With Us

A FullStack Organization

We take the time to understand your challenges and create customized solutions that meet your needs and help you succeed.


Your Data is a Mess

It’s more common than you think. Global enterprises have data all over the place and don’t use it well. They know they can do better, but need a helping hand. Time to call DAS42.


Let’s Talk

We’ll sit down with you and discuss how data can help your business. From there, we chart a course to organize your data into the powerful resource you know it can be. We usually start with a three to six month commitment.


Pouring the Foundation

We become part of your team. People say this all of the time, but we’ll actually be in your office every day, working alongside your leadership and IT teams, assembling the tech stack you need to put your data to work.


Get It Together

Now that you have a modern home for your data, we’ll help you get it moved in and arrange the furniture how you like it.


Custom Finishes

We’ll build you shiny personally-tailored dashboards that let you examine your data the way you want. It’s a little like getting a race car that we teach you how to drive.


Do All the Things

We’ll step aside once we’re sure you’ve got the hang of it. Of course we’re available for anything else that you need. We find that once people start using their data in a modern way, they constantly think of new ways to utilize it. We’re often on retainer for people with ongoing needs.


Predict the Future

Data can tell you more than what’s been working in the past. It can affect the future and respond to the parameters that you set. We’re happy to help you graduate on to the exciting world of predictive analytics whenever you’re ready.

Case Study:

Faster Insights for Casual Gaming Company

Developers and distributors of casual mobile and computer games need to make fast decisions about their games on a daily, and sometimes, hourly basis. They monitor current games to determine player engagement and retention, ease and difficulty of play, the status of in-game currency, and more. They analyze new games to judge if they have the potential to become a hit and determine if they are going to increase, reduce, or end their investment in that game.
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I view Nick and DAS42 as the single most important strategic partner external to Snowflake that I have in the business. If somebody came to me and said, "You get to wave a magic wand and you can place any partner on this account, who are you going to choose?” It’s DAS42 first every single time.

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Evan Blake
Sales Director, Strategic Accounts, Snowflake

Why Choose DAS42

Our deep commitment to our craft make us the ideal choice to meet your data analytics needs.

Ready to talk about your data needs?

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