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Who We AreOur Values

Our Values

We take our values seriously. They guide everything we do.

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We Value Diversity

A dispersed team, we are united by our love for learning new things and sharing knowledge with each other. We believe that diversity of thought, experience, background, and perspective leads to a more complete understanding and a more effective team.

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We Value Equity

Our business is a collection of people. We all have a stake in the well-being of the business and the well-being of our colleagues. It’s important that everyone feels heard, that everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the best of their ability, and that we are transparent and honest.

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We Value Inclusion

Acceptance and inclusion have always been central to who we are as people—and as an organization. Strong supporters of civil liberties, we welcome people from all genders, orientations, religions, races, cultures, ethnicities, ages, and life experiences.

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We Value Communities

We work to support our values in our communities as well as our business. We show our commitment through event sponsorship and volunteering our time at organizations doing the hard work needed to improve lives. And we offer support so you can stay involved in the causes that matter to you.

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