Who We Are

A nation-wide team of data analysts, scientists, entrepreneurs, and engineers, we are a collegial group of people with a deep commitment to our craft.

Our Story

A FullStack Organization

From The Cloud To The Boardroom

Founded in 2015, we have deep experience in all aspects of data and business intelligence. We have the technical chops and analytical mindset to quickly transform your company's use of data. Because we are used to working with people from different cultures, skill sets, perspectives, and professional backgrounds, we are as comfortable in the weeds with your IT team as we are alongside your VP of Sales in the boardroom.

We've Been Where You Are

We understand how businesses actually use data. Our team members have held data analytics, sales, and executive positions in companies as varied as Etsy, Jet.com, Uber, Amazon, Kohler, and CignaHealth. We've built internal teams and transformed companies at various stages of growth into data-centric organizations.

All About You

We can show you how to leverage petabytes of data to impact and accelerate decisions, build data-driven products, and increase revenue. In association with our partners, we utilize best-in-class technologies to create systems that make advanced data analytics easy for you to access, understand, and act upon.

Our Team

Involved With Data For Decades

Our team is comprised of Silicon Valley startup veterans and data analysts who worked with data in our own companies and people who hail from the types of large-scale enterprises that we serve. Data solution experts Nick Amabile and Patrick Byrne lead the DAS42 team, with support from their fellow Board members Frank Selldorff of Momentum Equity Partners and Julia Senior and Gillis Cashman of M/C Partners.

Nick Amabile
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CEO & Principal Consultant

Nick works directly with executives to provide strategic direction and decision support.

Patrick M. Byrne
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Partner & COO/CFO

Patrick oversees operations and finance in addition to building and managing teams.

Consultants & Associates

DAS42 is powered by a team of experts who work together to help our clients with their most pressing needs. Our Consultants and Associates support our leadership team, help manage partner relations and leverage the power of data analytics to guide our clients towards success.


We Are Where You Are

We're a boutique firm with a national footprint. No matter where you are across the US, we're nearby and ready to help you get more out of your data.

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Our deep commitment to our craft make us the ideal choice to meet your data analytics needs.

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