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Media & Entertainment

Effectively monitor direct to consumer and digital media services, subscription-based metrics, and make better predictions.

Analytics that Generate Viewership and Drive Traffic

Analyzing different parts of the marketing funnel and user interactions is a huge part of operating an effective media and entertainment business. Our strategies and services help you analyze how your efforts influence all areas of the marketing funnel, both acquisition (e.g. how many people sign up) and behavioral (e.g. what people are watching and what’s trending).

Find Real Impact

Effective analytic strategies monitor marketing activities, look at how ads and other media buys perform, and how ads generate subscriptions or viewership.

Discover What’s Really Affecting Performance and Sales

Our tailored analytic strategies let you see viewer demographics, location, numbers, and what and why they’re watching.

Centralize & Normalize Your Data

In the media industry, a lot of information is typically collected in third party data silos. We bring all that disparate information together so that it can be analyzed at a deeper level.

DAS42 Implements Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud

As a Snowflake Elite Services Partner, we use its Media Data Cloud as the cornerstone when we implement media and entertainment industry best practices in data management, business intelligence, and analytics.
Snowflake's Media Data Cloud can help accelerate advertising revenue, acquire and maintain subscribers, deliver differentiated advertising technology, and solve privacy challenges.

Case Study:

Accelerating Time To Value

One of the world’s largest media companies approached us with a need to reach faster insights when forecasting digital viewership and ad impressions. They had a slow and laborious process for making data inquiries that often took a week or more to turnaround. Follow up questions on these inquiries took just as long, creating a frustrating and inefficient process, which was unacceptable for such a premier enterprise organization.
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“DAS42 forced us to think harder and better about what we were really trying to do. They provided us with thoughtful strategic business insight that made us better thinkers, which in turn made us better decision makers.”

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Kevin Frisch
CMO, Wag Labs Inc

Capture Data at Each Point of the Customer Lifecycle

Your data is not a snapshot. We understand that you need to capture data at each point of the customer lifecycle. Within one company, different datasets live in individual places and can be collected by different vendors. That’s where our FullStack philosophy of owning and centralizing your data comes into play.

Industry Benefits

Faster and more improved mobile media options means more exciting experiences at home, at live events, and even in cars. This is vital information you need to create your next campaign or business strategy. We help bring it all together so you can make your next bold move.

Benefits to the Consumer

Media and Entertainment companies are always increasing the use of data to monetize content and create better experiences. Consumers know that their viewership data is being mined for content, but in exchange they expect better forms of entertainment, better production, and personalized content recommendations.

Using Data Strategically & Debunking the Big Brother Threat

It’s important to be transparent about data practices and offer user control. Being honest about your data collection creates trust. Allowing users to curate and discover content they truly love allows media companies to better analyze behaviors and leads to better entertainment experiences that build loyal audiences.

Our FullStack Philosophy

Find out more about our FullStack philosophy and how we help you evolve from data chaos to targeted predictive analytics.

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