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You’ve put the best data tools and systems in place for your organization. DAS42’s Managed Service offering provides companies with ongoing access to our team—a deep bench of experts with certifications across best-in-class data technologies—to ensure you're getting the most out of your analytics investment.

Support you can rely on

Our FullStack solution includes data storage, transformation, querying, visualization, and analysis. Our Managed Service offering simplifies the maintenance of the modern data stack, putting an expert team of certified consultants on call to answer questions and triage issues. We offer customizable packages that ensure you get the expertise you need to accelerate your analytics goals.

Ongoing application of cutting-edge innovation and expert-led best practices

Data-driven organizations need to stay on top of data analytics best practices and technology and management trends. Our Managed Service clients benefit from ongoing best practices review, architecture recommendations, performance/cost optimizations, user support, and administration.

Focus on your core business

A complete modern data stack solution requires several technologies to work together seamlessly. Without deep, prior experience, it’s difficult to choose from, deploy, and maintain the vast array of newly released acceleration and integration tools that will enable you to update and optimize your stack over time. Managing data and analytics platforms is not your core business. Our Managed Service team lets you stay focused on what is.

We offer Managed Service for several technologies.


Our Managed Service includes user, database, role, schema, and warehouse support and administration. Monitoring for long-running, inefficient, and costly queries and query code review and error handling. Ongoing optimization through monthly performance reporting, tuning of warehouses to manage changing workloads, and acceleration of new use case implementation.


Our Managed Service includes business user and developer support, LookML, SDLC, and code reviews, and SSO integration. Management services for connection and model; user, group, attribute, and role; and cache. Ongoing optimization through reviews of data model architecture and load time and query performance, while providing strategies to increase adoption and training. 


Our Managed Service includes enterprise-grade deployment on Kubernetes based on Astronomer, custom hooks and operators support, and support and code review for Airflow developers. Connection, secret, and user management and DAG run alerting and failure remediation. Ongoing optimization through customized services to accelerate development of pipelines and DAG architecture review. 


Our Managed Service includes warehouse, connection, and user, group, attribute, and role management. Historical resyncs. Ongoing optimization through reviews of available connections and resources and customer connectors best practices.

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DAS42 Managed Service in Action

Snowflake recently published one of our Managed Service success stories as a Snowcase case study.

Case Study:

Enabling Higher Efficiency and Lower Cost in Data Platform Management

Managed Service can reduce your data platform costs and increase efficiency. Find out how it worked for data-driven innovator Enage3.
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Why reinvent the wheel when you can rely on trusted experts to ensure success with a modern data stack? DAS42’s Managed Service offering delivers the experience and expertise you need to ensure your organization’s data stack delivers peak performance, providing maintenance, answering questions, and resolving any issues.

Save money and resources

Analytics professionals may know data science and how to generate SQL queries, but they might not specialize in your specific tools. Hiring that kind of specialization in-house can be difficult, risky, and delay achieving your analytics goals. Engaging DAS42 for a Managed Service role delivers cost savings through less in-house administrative support and optimized cloud usage and software spend.

Dedicated support

Managed service provides maintenance, support, and service in the demanding areas of your data platform that need it most. From simple requests like adding new users to error handling and code reviews, we provide support through video conferencing, Slack, and service tickets during the hours you need it most. Our solution also provides your organization with a dedicated technical account manager. Your support team will triage issues with your data stack and respond within an hour for the most critical needs.

Unmatched expertise

Our full-stack approach to support extends beyond picking up when you need a service call. As Elite Snowflake Service Partners, DAS42 can offer a level of support for cloud-based data platforms that few companies in the world can match, and we provide proven best practices for your entire data stack. With the help of experts to ensure your tools perform at their best, you can accelerate their adoption across your organization.

“I view Nick and DAS42 as the single most important strategic partner external to Snowflake that I have in the business. If somebody came to me and said, "You get to wave a magic wand and you can place any partner on this account, who are you going to choose? It’s DAS42 first every single time.”

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Sales Director, Strategic Accounts, Snowflake
Evan Blake

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