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Use data to observe the activities of players and ultimately make their experiences better.

The Future of Gaming Analytics

Ever-increasing amounts of data generated by in-game activities create opportunities to improve game quality, and content discovery to increase sales. Data needs to be gathered in a way that enables game creators to make their next decisions in delivering better customer experiences.

Buying and Playing

A large amount of gaming analytics are focused on players' habits. But first, you need to get them to download the game. Analyzing engagement will help you get a better sense of the effectiveness of your marketing.

Spending and Behavior

We help you look at daily, weekly, and monthly active users, their monetization rates, and how they make their purchases, so you can design your games to be more accessible and easier to purchase.

Improving the Game

Analyzing actions players take while playing enables game creators to determine whether aspects of the game are too difficult or uninteresting. This type of analysis helps you determine lifetime value of the product.

Case Study:

Faster Insights for Casual Gaming Company

Developers and distributors of casual mobile and computer games need to make fast decisions about their games on a daily, and sometimes, hourly basis. They monitor current games to determine player engagement and retention, ease and difficulty of play, the status of in-game currency, and more. They analyze new games to judge if they have the potential to become a hit and determine if they are going to increase, reduce, or end their investment in that game.
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“I view Nick and DAS42 as the single most important strategic partner external to Snowflake that I have in the business. If somebody came to me and said, "You get to wave a magic wand and you can place any partner on this account, who are you going to choose? It’s DAS42 first every single time.”

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Evan Blake
Sales Director, Strategic Accounts, Snowflake

Thanks to faster data speeds, large gaming events can be conducted remotely, as opposed to major events happening in physical arenas. This will contribute to significant growth in mobile media experiences, experiences at live events, and experiences in new venues, like the car. All of this data can be collected in strategic ways that lead to games designed to be more exciting and enjoyable.

Effectively Create Timely Promotions and Incentives

Proper analytics give valuable insights into timing. For instance, when dropoff rates increase, a coupon could be given as an incentive, or bonus currency could be given. The rate at which the customer returns could also be gauged to determine if those promotions were effective.


Managing Complex Data Across Multiple Games

Gaming data can be extensive and complex. Companies want to look at stats across different games to compare and contrast, so that they can determine what engagement looks like for existing games vs. new games. This helps determine consumer trends and gives insights into what players are expecting.

Event Data Needs to be Treated Differently 

Because user actions are all happening in-game, it's difficult to analyze and aggregate. Nontechnical people may have a hard time comprehending event data. We help you distill valuable moments in gaming and make sense of these large and complex data sets.

Our FullStack Philosophy

Find out more about our FullStack philosophy and how we can help you evolve from data chaos to targeted predictive analytics.

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