Data Pipeline Transformations

We build each stage of your data pipeline with your analytical and business needs front-and-center.

Clear the Clutter and End Data Chaos

You might think you work in a place that is “data-driven” and that you’ll be able to leaf through transparent data, have shorter more succinct meetings, and be able to make clear decisions. But in most cases, old methodologies fall short, leaving you with data chaos or a bottleneck. We are the team of data analysts, architects, and engineers that will bring order to your scattered data landscape.

Finding the Problem

Traditional methods of information gathering may lead to disparate data, different units of measure, or SKUs assigned to the data. Errors that occurred during data collection could be corrupting your datasheets.

Making Necessary Transformations

When you reach the point where you need Data Pipeline transformations, we’ll take you through the proper steps to collect, organize, and reassign the data to make transformations happen at query time, rather than doing so before a giant data load. This simplifies the task of data extraction and loading.

A Lasting Solution

To deal with data load errors, companies have traditionally set aside their internal engineering resources to manage it. Maintaining these pipelines continues to be a huge expense. We’ve been in your shoes and can help you handle it quickly and more efficiently.

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Where This Fits in Our FullStack Philosophy

FullStack Foundation Building

No matter what you want to achieve, you need a modern techstack built to serve up more in-depth and insightful business intelligence.

  • Data Centralization & Warehousing - We partner with Fivetran and Snowflake to migrate your data out of disparate silos and into secure, cloud-based data warehouse. These cost-effective on-demand platforms seamlessly scale and require no infrastructure to manage.
  • Data Integration - Draw on data from every corner of your business with Segment, our data consolidation and integration partner. Keep your data flowing frictionlessly.
  • Business Intelligence Data Platform - Looker is our data exploration, modeling, visualization, reporting, and discovery self-service business intelligence partner. With your data in the Looker platform, quality is no longer an issue and a single source of truth can be established.

Case Study:

Accelerating Time To Value

One of the world’s largest media companies approached us with a need to reach faster insights when forecasting digital viewership and ad impressions. They had a slow and laborious process for making data inquiries that often took a week or more to turnaround. Follow up questions on these inquiries took just as long, creating a frustrating and inefficient process, which was unacceptable for such a premier enterprise organization.
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“DAS42 is really good at systems integration when it comes to data technology and data pipelines. They bring a wealth of experience which allows them to tailor their solutions to each client. DAS42 is not a cookie cutter system integrator. They're very unique, and able to be agile, and pretty much do whatever the customer needs in order to be successful with Snowflake.”

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Katie Ecklund
Director SI Alliances- North America, Snowflake

The New Data Stack

Our recommended suite of tools and platforms allow your organization to take advantage of evolving cloud technology that provides faster processing and cheaper storage. You are controlled and clear, but more importantly, you are adaptive.

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Our favorite data pipeline and transformation tool is Fivetran, a fully managed and scalable extract and load tool. In the past, transformation pre-load has been a painstaking and time-consuming process that reduced the efficiency and effectiveness of data teams. With Fivetran, you can quickly and easily load a one-to-one copy from multiple data sources to your data warehouse.


Snowflake is our preferred cloud data warehouse platform. It provides secure and easy access to your data and is infinitely scalable. Snowflake features governed and secure data sharing, makes computations easy and economical, and is a near-zero maintenance platform. With your data on the Snowflake platform, you have a single source of truth across your company.


We place the Looker business intelligence data platform on top of Snowflake and build customized data analytics applications (dashboards) designed to meet your specific needs. The Looker platform enables you to define the relationships between datasets and gives you real-time access to self-serve analytics, complete with reporting and visualization functionality.

Our FullStack Philosophy

Find out more about our FullStack philosophy and how we can help you evolve from data chaos to targeted predictive analytics.

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