Cloud Data Warehousing

Modern methods of data warehousing are less complex than ever.

A More Flexible Solution to Data Warehousing

The goal of data warehousing is to build foolproof robust systems, where data is gathered and centralized efficiently. We can now get analytics up and running quicker with Cloud Data Warehousing. We simplify your data and make it more accessible for your entire team.

The Extract, Load, and Transform Approach

Cloud Data Warehousing takes the ELT (extract, load, transform) vs ETL (extract, transform, load) approach. We build solutions that let the technology do what it does best.

Free Up Your Workforce’s Time

Instead of wasting time building complex data warehouse schema, people can spend time getting more useful information consolidated in order to analyze it effectively.

Simplification = More Effective Data Analytics

Let people put their time and energy in the right places, while allowing big data technologies do what they do best. This makes the entire system more efficient.

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Where This Fits in Our FullStack Philosophy

FullStack Foundation Building

No matter what you want to achieve, you need a modern techstack built to serve up more in-depth and insightful business intelligence.

  • Data Centralization & Warehousing - We partner with Fivetran and Snowflake to migrate your data out of disparate silos and into secure, cloud-based data warehouse. These cost-effective on-demand platforms seamlessly scale and require no infrastructure to manage.
  • Data Integration - Draw on data from every corner of your business with Segment, our data consolidation and integration partner. Keep your data flowing frictionlessly.
  • Business Intelligence Data Platform - Looker is our data exploration, modeling, visualization, reporting, and discovery self-service business intelligence partner. With your data in the Looker platform, quality is no longer an issue and a single source of truth can be established.

Case Study:

Enabling Q4 Growth for an Ad Server

Our client runs thousands of servers for their clients, serving up digital ads and gathering data on multiple aspects of each ad; what ads they serve, the campaign associated with it, what device it was seen on, clicks, etc. Every ad they serve up generates a significant amount of data, and across the internet ads are being served up constantly. All of that data needs to be seamlessly aggregated from the logs generated in each server. From that data, they generate reports that they present to their advertising agency clients.
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“I view Nick and DAS42 as the single most important strategic partner external to Snowflake that I have in the business. If somebody came to me and said, "You get to wave a magic wand and you can place any partner on this account, who are you going to choose? It’s DAS42 first every single time.”

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Evan Blake
Sales Director, Strategic Accounts, Snowflake

Data Warehouses Are More Efficient Than Ever

Data warehousing is more efficient than ever. Because of this, we can do different things during transformations and at the visualization or analytics layer. Companies need strategists who can speak the language of technology and business. That's where we come in.

Cloud Data Analytics Has Changed

Companies used to have to extract all data from a data warehouse into an analytics tool or a business intelligence tool. Then, to refresh the data, it would need to be extracted and input again. That took a lot of time and effort and was very inflexible because to add something new, the number of computations could grow exponentially. 

The Problem

Analytics Technology Can Be Fragmented. Data volumes have increased and data variety has increased. Internet-enabled businesses and cloud technologies create silos, and the fast pace of change creates tech debt. Data is not just a snapshot.

The Solution

  • Our proven strategies and tools allow you to own and centralize your data to answer deep questions.
  • Cloud Data Warehousing also enables you to liberate your data from 3rd-party vendors and data silos.
  • We create a reliable source of truth. We standardize metrics, reports, KPIs across systems, document definitions and automate data quality checks.

Data that is Accessible and Flexible

We make data operational to affect today's and tomorrow's business decisions. We maximize resilience and build flexible systems that are prepared for anything, with automated alerting and orchestration. We make the data accessible to everyone. This enables product, sales, and marketing teams to answer their own questions without being limited by IT/analyst bandwidth.  

A 360-Degree View of Your Customer and Business

We understand stakeholders always want more data at a finer granularity. So we keep data raw by delaying transformation to as close to query time as possible. This minimizes transformations between the original source and the target data source. It is also extendable to include all current and future data sources. We store all raw data while providing a fast interface for non-technical users to ask valuable questions of their data. We merge customer data with financial, offline, and online data to create a 360-degree view of your customer and business.

Our FullStack Philosophy

Find out more about our FullStack philosophy and how we can help you evolve from data chaos to targeted predictive analytics.

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