Google Cloud Platform

A serverless, scalable, and cost-effective data warehouse solution to transform your business

Why We Recommend Google Cloud

Google Cloud helps you modernize your data flow and define your cloud strategy while integrating with other cloud-based technologies you know and love.

More Iterative Analysis

With traditional data warehousing, it takes too long to operationalize data. Google Cloud allows for more standardization of data collection processes and a more iterative analytics.

Faster Insights. No Waiting.

Outdated service providers take weeks to deliver reporting. Google Cloud enables you to get insights within minutes, iterate on your analysis, and ask better questions more quickly.

Faster and More Effective

Get up and running quickly and cost-effectively. Uncover meaningful insights that keep you ahead of the competition. We’ll help you decide exactly what analytics you should be building.

Case Study:

Faster Data Operationalization

We worked with the marketing team at the world’s largest sporting goods brand in their sport. Their team initially came to us looking for a Customer Data Platform (CDP). Following our analysis of their business needs and technology solutions, we discovered a deeper problem: They were accessing their data through a third party service provider.

Migrate your existing data from on-premises solution to Google Cloud using BigQuery.

Better Data Warehousing

BigQuery is Google Cloud’s fully managed and serverless cloud data warehouse that’s easy to set up and doesn’t require a database administrator.

Know Your Data

Other managed service providers may be black-box service, preventing you from knowing where your data is coming from or how analytics are being defined. Google Cloud gives you the transparency you want.

Quickly analyze massive amounts of data using ANSI SQL with no operational overhead. Seamlessly democratize your data insights with a more secure platform that scales with your needs and integrates with existing cloud technologies.

Define Your Metrics

With Google Cloud, you can access all your data and slice and dice it with a standardized set of definitions. You can easily extract insights from your data, e.g. what defines a high-value customer. Once transferred to your marketing platform, that information can be a powerful tool for business.

Using BigQuery, we centralize data in a modern data warehouse. We’ll help you migrate and consolidate your data, define your metrics, QA your data, and understand your data flow. Finally we’ll teach you how to leverage other existing and newer cloud tools to get the most out of your data and reach insights faster.

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