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Report: The State of Data Analytics in Media & Entertainment 2022

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Nick Amabile

With the vast array of platforms and technologies to deliver content and engage consumers, Media & Entertainment is more data reliant than ever

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The Media & Entertainment industry pioneered the data-driven business model that most enterprises use today. Long before data tech stacks and the cloud, media companies were monitoring daily box office receipts to drive content development and enlisting Nielsen families to track television rating by hand. 

“Getting to more actionable data-driven insights and automated decision-making at scale through AI requires a foundation of data that results in better knowledge and understanding of your customers.” stated Anita Lynch, Former VP Data Governance, Instrumentation and Architecture for Disney Streaming Services. “Much like the portfolio strategy of a venture capital partnership, in Media & Entertainment, having a few big hits drives the majority of profits.” 

The State of Data Analytics in Media & Entertainment is the first edition of an annual report published by DAS42. The report’s findings are based on surveys of data analytics executives and practitioners, aiming to provide insight around the priorities, challenges, and viewpoints of people working in the data trenches.

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