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Know Before You Go: Six Snowflake Summit Hacks

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Mary Prime

Snowflake Summit is back in person this year, and we can’t wait to see everyone live in Las Vegas! Like everything else in Vegas, this is going to be huge – huge event, huge venue, huge program of great content and great activities.

To help you make the most of your Summit experience, we thought we’d offer some insider tips. A few simple hacks can make a great event even better!

  1. Plan your route.
    Caesar’s Forum (where Summit will take place) and Caesar’s Palace (the hotel and casino) aren’t the same place. Fortunately, we’ve plotted out the best route to get you from Caesar’s Palace to Caesar’s Forum quickly and with a minimum of outside time. Exit the hotel from the “Casino Entrance” near Alto Bar. Walk outside to the intersection and cross at the crosswalk. Once you’ve crossed the street, enter the Linq Casino on your left and follow the signs for Caesar’s Forum. Pass Dunkin Donuts and take the escalator to the Forum. At the top of the escalator, you’re on the indoor sky bridge to the Forum – just walk across the bridge and you’re there!
  2. Decide in advance what sessions you want to attend.
    Snowflake Summit will include 333 content sessions. Figuring out what to attend and when isn’t a decision to put off until the last minute – you might miss the session that’s most important to you! Fortunately, Snowflake has a tool that can help you plan ahead based on your interests, time, industry, and more. Click here to start planning. And be sure to include DAS42’s session on June 14 at 1:30pm at the Everest Theater (AD208P)!
  3. Stay cool and comfortable.
    They say nothing’s certain but death and taxes. But for Summit, we can add at least two more certainties: Vegas will be hot (100+ degrees) and you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet. Pack accordingly! Bring light, business casual clothes and comfortable shoes. And plan to stay hydrated!
  4. Stay healthy and help keep everybody else healthy, too.
    As of now, Snowflake isn’t planning to require Summit attendees to share proof of vaccine or to show a negative Covid test. And there is no mask mandate in place for Las Vegas. To help keep you healthy, Snowflake will have Covid self-test kits available at the event, medical personnel will be on-site, and rapid Antigen tests will be available as needed.
  5. There’s an app for that.
    Snowflake has an app to help you make the most of your experience at Summit and other Snowflake events. Download It before you go!
  6. Visit Booth 812 – early and often!
    DAS42’s Summit Booth will feature prizes, invaluable solution demos, and more. Stop by and learn how DAS42’s experts can make your Snowflake experience even better. Click here to learn more.

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