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Creating a Data-Driven Culture In Your eCommerce Business

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Nick Amabile

JetRails Podcast Hosts DAS42 CEO Nick Amabile

Watch now: Creating a Data-Driven Culture In Your eCommerce Business

On the JetRails Podcast with Robert Rand, Nick discusses common data and analytics challenges eCommerce businesses face and best practices to foster a data-driven culture. 

Nick shares wisdom from his past experience in senior roles at Etsy and, and his work today as CEO of DAS42, a leader in helping  eCommerce businesses build and implement modern data platforms and programs, as well as define and track KPIs. 

Topics discussed include: 

  • Should the IT leadership within an eCommerce company be spearheading analytics and business intelligence, or should someone else be?
  • Best platforms for unifying eCommerce data and analytics?
  • Once data is flowing to a unified system, what kind of deliverables should eCommerce merchants be looking for? Are there reports they should be sure not to overlook?
  • How does data privacy and security impact efforts to centralize data analytics and business intelligence?

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