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DAS42 Joins Select Company as Elite Snowflake Service Partners

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Nick Amabile

We’re excited to announce that DAS42 has achieved Elite status with our longtime cloud data warehouse partner, Snowflake.

Elite status marks the highest performance level for companies within the Snowflake Partner Network (SPN), a mix of Technology and Service providers with experience successfully implementing modernization programs.

As a Services Partner, we work with Snowflake to implement industry best practices in data management, warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics. The SPN gives select companies access to a dedicated portal for technical training as well as capabilities that facilitate our customers’ journeys toward building a data-driven culture.

The designation places us in exceptionally select company, all of whom exceed Snowflake’s requirements in staff certifications, sales thresholds, and customer satisfaction. At the time of our announcement, less than a dozen firms have reached Elite status, but DAS42 stands apart as the only organization of its size to surpass these high standards.

“DAS42 is not a cookie-cutter system integrator,” said Snowflake’s Katie Eckund, Director SI Alliances-North America as our partnership was solidified. “They’re very unique, and able to be agile, and pretty much do whatever the customer needs in order to be successful with Snowflake.”

For us, Elite status constitutes further validation of how we serve our customers regardless of industry or specific business need. Though other firms may offer comparable expertise, DAS42’s clients recognize the value in working with a firm that offers a more streamlined yet holistic approach. For customers with a need to draw more from their business information, our Elite designation ensures more of what you’re right to expect from a prospective data partner: A high level of expertise to facilitate a transformational shift in the way your business stores and accesses its data.

How Snowflake’s Elite Status Helps DAS42 Work With You

If your organization is looking to generate more value from its data, Snowflake provides the warehouse platform you need. Fully managed and cloud-based with separate capacities for storage and computation, Snowflake allows you to retain all your business information. In addition to eliminating concerns about physical capacity or complexity, Snowflake is scalable, allowing you to pay only for what you need.

But with so many advanced technologies and data silos introduced by today’s business, you need more than the right tools to ensure your digital transformation is a success. You also need to work with a data partner who will work toward managing the necessary changes while ensuring they endure.

Elite Service Partner status means that DAS42 exceeded Snowflake's target number of customer references and annual contract values, which testifies to both the breadth of our experience and the satisfaction levels of our clients. But the most direct benefit to you comes down to additional access with Snowflake’s specialists. If yours is a large engagement whose data requires additional specialization, we now can offer a dedicated solution architect at Snowflake to provide further expertise.

While being able to offer a new level of personalized support is a welcome addition, our capabilities realistically remain unchanged. If your firm's data requires a senior solution architect, DAS42 already offers that specialized skillset within our existing team. Elite status constitutes a new and advanced level of our ongoing partnership with Snowflake. But the core message behind the designation constitutes a welcome endorsement. Without question, the way we work with both their platform and our clients stands out in a crowded field.

Wherever your needs lie with your data, our Elite status confirms our standing within the Snowflake network. And there’s a reason we’ve arrived at this level.

In an Elite Field, the DAS42 Approach to Your Data Needs Stands Alone

Achieving Elite status among Snowflake’s Service Partners places DAS42 in exceptional company, which is no small achievement. But within a distinctive field dominated by massive organizations, we exist as something of an outlier.

Whereas some firms may have tens of thousands of employees at their disposal, our headcount is just below 40. Any organization reaching Snowflake’s Elite Partner status is unquestionably skilled with implementing a cloud-based data program. But working with DAS42 offers an inevitably different yet more specialized experience than a multinational conglomerate.

As a smaller team, we're able to offer a high-touch level of care with our clients that enables clearer focus and quicker results. With our full-stack philosophy, our data engineers are certified not only with Snowflake but business intelligence tools as well. In short, a lot of firms will be able to answer your questions about using Snowflake. Our approach allows DAS42 to solve your business problems using Snowflake and your existing ecosystem.

DAS42 Delivers the Right Solution for Your Data Needs – at Every Level

To stay competitive, companies in every industry have needed to modernize their operation. A successful, sustainable digital transformation begins with ensuring your business data is captured, accessible, and open for analysis. Through the partnership between DAS42 and Snowflake, your organization will leverage its data to improve performance across multiple fronts, including:

  • Make informed, data-driven decisions within multiple business groups while recognizing and responding to application performance in ecommerce, entertainment, and gaming;
  • Increase clarity in managing your organization’s financial performance through data that’s trusted, governed, and consistent for every business group;
  • Monitor supply chain resources and resolve issues quickly and efficiently;
  • Measure marketing campaign performance and build a better customer experience through insights gained from user behavior;
  • Empower internal teams to generate actionable insights from data that’s clearly defined and accessible;
  • Free analytics teams to focus on higher business functions through implementing business intelligence tools that allow for self-service reporting.

But beyond the complexity of software implementation, your organization also needs internal guidance. A digital transformation requires training, enablement, and cultural changes to be sustainable. Snowflake’s short list of Elite Service Partners offers a welcome starting point for every organization’s needs. But for the focused level of engagement that comes with working with an experienced, highly skilled firm without the complications of fitting in with more expansive organizations, the only contact you’ll need is DAS42.

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