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Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Data Solution? Is Your Team?

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Nick Amabile

Stop us if this sounds familiar: You’re nearing the end of a SaaS license period, only to learn user adoption has fallen off in the last year.

Your team basically stopped using your solution shortly after you bought it.

Naturally, you’re feeling discouraged—and reluctant to renew. But you know without a doubt that this solution is what can take your data analytics game to the next level. If only there was a way to remind your team why you chose to invest in the first place.

Often the problem didn't really start as you approached the renewal deadline; it was at the implementation phase where the troubles truly began. Change in any organizational behavior because of new tools can be a challenge, but the constant in all of this is that employees will use the new tool if it makes their job easier or gives them the resources to do their job better than before.

Fortunately, the experts at DAS42 are here to help with that change whether it is during a renewal phase or earlier on when you are first considering new tools. Our strategic and high-touch engagement model can help you feel confident in your decisions, clear blockers, and provide those wins that create a more organic adoption.

We know your pain points because they’re our pain points

DAS42’s FullStack services and capabilities work best for companies that need a holistic approach to their data and analytics. This typically spans data strategy, data centralization, transformation, and self-serve business intelligence. We focus on traditional enterprise and mid-market companies that are undergoing digital transformation. One of our goals is to transform execs and managers in these segments into better decision makers. Ones whose choices are steeped in holistic data analysis.

But where we really help you shine is in our commitment to person-to-person relationships. We can quickly identify the challenges and uncertainties you’re facing, teach you the right questions to ask, and help you become self-sufficient in finding the answers you need to resolve issues as soon as they arise. That way, there are no surprises. 

You don’t need tech-agnosticism

You need direct, no-nonsense advice that's based on expert evaluation. We've been on the other side of the table as analytics and business intelligence leaders at forward-thinking startups and data-driven companies. A big part of what we do at DAS42 is identify the many diverse and important use cases of the technology solution a company is purchasing.

For example, retail and e-commerce companies are often concerned with the various KPIs that will provide further insight into their data analytics overall. They want to know what to elevate and what to measure. They might house their marketing data in a data warehouse, but that's only a start. Our experts can guide them from there to pull in data from sales, customer activity, shipments, or any number of other sources to make their big picture that much richer and more detailed.

We are able to provide this level of expertise as a result of having closely evaluated every major, current data analytics tool. Relying on deep credibility in the industry, we can compare and contrast the various options and help you understand the pros and cons specific to your organization. Our goal is to take out the guesswork and deliver value by making you more confident in the answer to your first question, which tool is best for me?

When is the right time to bring DAS42 into the conversation?

We get this question a lot, and it will depend on where your company is on the data maturity curve. The answer might be during strategic sessions about building your new data stack, when you are assessing a new data warehouse or BI tool, or when things just don't seem to work the way they should. More than likely it is a combination of all of those factors and you want clear answers and guidance.

Even for companies and teams that are comfortable and confident in their data needs and architecture, then comes the next set of questions:

How long is it going to take me to actually set this up for my data?
Do I have the resources and capabilities to scale implementation?
Who is going to maintain this once it’s set up?
Am I really going to get the value I need from this investment?

And of course, these concerns are not unfounded. Few in-house teams understand what it takes to quickly and effectively implement a new piece of data software they are just learning themselves. Even if they do understand the process, there’s no guarantee they have the resources to scale. If you’re hearing these concerns, it’s time to bring in a DAS42 consultant with deep expertise to mitigate. We take pride in accelerating processes for your team to use new resources and tools.

Successful organizations are happy organizations

It’s no secret that the more successful you are in data analytics efforts, the happier you are going to be with the products to gather those analytics. Our experts have worked in a wide range of industries and have more than likely seen the issues you are facing at another company. 

We employ second-nature best practices for completing implementations and migrations quickly and effectively. With DAS42 partnered with you on the project, you can ensure a faster implementation time than the majority of internal teams can manage on their own. And that means gleaning actionable insights across your organization sooner rather than later.

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