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The DAS42 + Snowflake Solution

Snowflake is the only data platform built for the cloud from the ground up, so you can consolidate and get the most out of your data.

The DAS42 + Snowflake Solution

Snowflake is the only data platform built for the cloud from the ground up, so you can consolidate and get the most out of your data.

Cost Effective Solution

Many other cloud data platform technologies have higher operational and maintenance costs, and require lots of tuning to optimize report performance.

A Well-Managed Cloud

Snowflake is a fully managed cloud platform with little configuration needed to achieve maximum performance because of its smart-caching and smart-partitioning.

Best Tool for the Job

Optimized solutions for data-driven companies require a strategy that marries open-source technologies with enterprise solutions for data warehousing and front-end analysis.

Case Study:

Enabling Q4 Growth for an Ad Server

Our client runs thousands of servers for their clients, serving up digital ads and gathering data on multiple aspects of each ad; what ads they serve, the campaign associated with it, what device it was seen on, clicks, etc. Every ad they serve up generates a significant amount of data, and across the internet ads are being served up constantly. All of that data needs to be seamlessly aggregated from the logs generated in each server. From that data, they generate reports that they present to their advertising agency clients.
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DAS42 is really good at systems integration when it comes to data technology and data pipelines. They bring a wealth of experience which allows them to tailor their solutions to each client. DAS42 is not a cookie cutter system integrator. They're very unique, and able to be agile, and pretty much do whatever the customer needs in order to be successful with Snowflake.

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Katie Ecklund
Director SI Alliances- North America, Snowflake

Snowflake handles semistructured and complex data whereas other technologies generally don’t.

Separate Storage & Compute

Snowflake separates storage (where your data lives every day) and compute (the power needed to grab and compile data). Organizations can independently and instantly provision more compute or storage depending on the workload.

In comparison, other data platforms have a traditional architecture where there are virtual server nodes with a set amount of storage and compute on the same node. If a project needs more storage, even if it doesn’t need more compute, you must provision more of both, adding unnecessary cost.

Easy Workload Isolation

It is best practice to isolate workloads. For example, a business intelligence query shouldn’t have to compete with data loading or transformation workloads. But implementing this best practice is typically complex.

Snowflake makes creating isolated virtual workloads easy. Organizations can easily provision separate virtual storage for data loading, data transformation, and user-facing queries. These workloads won’t compete for resources, and they can be scaled up or down instantly and independently.

Complex Data Handling

In Snowflake, schemas don’t need to be predefined to load in JSON data. JSON can be directly loaded into a flexible table structure and then queried later using powerful SQL constructs to parse the data at report time. Snowflake provides true schema-on-read.

DAS42 is proud to be a Snowflake Elite Partner.

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