The Data Chief LinkedIn Live #5 - Managing the BI Tool Portfolio

Sep 2, 2021, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PMVirtual, Hosted by ThoughtSpot
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Location: Virtual, Hosted by ThoughtSpot

DAS42 CEO Nick Amabile will join ThoughSpot CDSO Cindi Howson to offer tips and strategies for managing your BI tools:

  • Do companies need multiple BI tools or is there a one size fits all solution out there?
  • How do companies position Tableau, Power BI, Looker, ThoughtSpot, and others within one organization?
  • Should you convert legacy BI technology and content or let them slowly die?.

The event is streamed simultaneously on LinkedIn and the ThoughtSpot YouTube channel, available on-demand post-event. LinkedIn allows for real-time commentary and debate.

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