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DAS42 and the Snowflake Media Data Cloud

July 20, 2020
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It is enabling businesses to build a new data foundation that delivers better customer experiences and business outcomes, while taking a proactive stance toward privacy and protecting consumer data.

The Snowflake Media Data Cloud is a connected ecosystem that leverages Snowflake’s core platform capabilities, tailored solutions delivered by Snowflake and their partner network, and the growing amount of data that is natively available in Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

DAS42 is partnering with Snowflake to deliver the cloud

As a Snowflake Elite Services Partner, we are well-versed in implementing the Snowflake Data Cloud. We use it as the cornerstone when we implement media and entertainment industry best practices in data management, business intelligence, and analytics.

We have deep expertise in media & entertainment data platforms

The Media Data Cloud has the power to transform organizations’ relationship with data, supported by the Snowflake Data Marketplace and its access to live, ready-to-query data products and services from over 175 data partners. 

With the Media Data Cloud, organizations can securely share and combine consumer data with limited copies and movement, across multiple regions and public clouds. Without having to rely on traditional methods, such as ETL or APIs, they can reduce data latency and leverage more accurate insights in near-real time.

The power of the Snowflake Media Data Cloud 

Few industries are as dynamic and fast changing as media & entertainment. Challenges include the shift to streaming and subscriber-based delivering, changes in consumption patterns driven by the Covid pandemic and other factors, and increased regulatory scrutiny related to privacy. And companies must manage these challenges in a hypercompetitive environment.

Data is critical to success in today’s media & entertainment world. We have worked with some of the world’s biggest media & entertainment companies, building platforms to ensure that they are getting the most value – and competitive advantage – from their data with up-to-the-minute subscriber analytics, more accurate revenue forecasting, and accelerated time to value.

Media & Entertainment data analytics and platforms experts from DAS42 and Snowflake share their insights on current industry pressures and trends, the competitive edge the Media Data Cloud provides, modern churn models for subscriber analytics, and more.

Managing security administration is simplified with data clean rooms and auditability features like double-blind joins, restricted queries, and row/columnar level obfuscation. The Media Data Cloud also allows handling of any data format at scale, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, which can be activated from a single source to power targeted content and advertising strategies. 

For additional insights, check out the subscriber analytics session that we contributed to, which debuted at the Snowflake Media Data Cloud Summit.