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We know that analytics is about more than just getting an answer—it’s about knowing how to ask the right questions to drive business insights and decisions.

The “DAS” is what we do: Data and Analytics Services; the “42” is why we do it. The 42 is a reference to a science fiction work, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, in which a long-lived alien species develops a supercomputer named Deep Thought. They can ask the supercomputer for the answer to “the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.” After six and a half million years, Deep Thought finally answers the question: the answer is 42. Confused, the aliens demand an explanation, to which Deep Thought responds, “How can you possibly expect to understand the answer when you don’t understand the question.” And that’s where DAS42 comes in.

We know that analytics is about more than just getting an answer—it’s about knowing how to ask the right questions to drive business insights and decisions, so that ultimately the business goals are successful. Other companies may offer to deliver similar services, but we pride ourselves in delivering unmatched client success by helping the business ask the right questions of their data.

Data analytics is the study and interpretation of information and patterns in our world. It is more than databases and dashboards and trend lines – it's about gathering and understanding the information coming at you in a fast-paced world, as much about asking questions as it is about getting answers.

You can view some of our clients on our Clients page.

The ideal candidate for DAS42 is deeply passionate about leveraging technology that allows businesses to make decisions based on robust and accessible data. The most successful DAS employees are constantly learning, enjoy teaching, take ownership of their work and their projects, and are solution oriented.

To learn about our current vacancies, please visit our Open Positions.

Candidates should submit a resume and cover letter highlighting their skills and experience, as well as their interest in working at DAS42.

Through our interview process we evaluate candidates on their Communication, Analytical Skills, Technical Knowledge, and Alignment to the DAS42 Culture of collaborative autonomy, accountability, constant learning, and transparency.

Qualified Consultant applicants will first meet with someone on our HR team to discuss the role and answer any questions candidates have about DAS42. Candidates will then complete 2 assessments to further evaluate their skills. First, a technical assessment covering Python and SQL fundamentals. Second, a written prompt of a business problem, where Candidates are asked to submit a written presentation of their solution. Candidates that pass both assessments will then meet with two of our Senior Consultants in the final round interviews.

Applicants do not need to apply separately for each location. DAS42 Consultants are able to work out of the office they prefer: NYC, Denver, LA, or Seattle.

DAS’s Associate Analysts and Associate Analytics Consultants are expected to work in one of our Consulting Hub Locations (NYC, Denver, Seattle, and LA). Other positions may be available as remote positions, depending on the business need.

At this time, DAS42 does not have an internship program.

Send an email to recruiting@das42.com.

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