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Assessing your company’s data maturity curve

November 16, 2022
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Are you winning the data race or falling behind?

The size and scope of today’s data world is hard to grasp. There are already 40 times more bytes of digital data than there are stars in the universe – and that number will quadruple by 2025. Data, not oil, is now the world’s most valuable commodity.

Organizations understand that data is one of their most valuable assets, but few know how to really harness its power. Most businesses only use 0.5% of the consumer data they possess.

The Data Maturity Curve is a six-stage map for an organization’s data journey, climbing from the first steps of data awareness to the heights of an effective data-driven machine. To plot your journey up the curve, you need to understand where your company stands now.

At DAS42, it’s our mission to help organizations like yours climb the Data Maturity Curve so you can use your data to make better decisions faster. Take our Data Maturity quiz to find out where you are on the curve and the steps you can take to move up to the next level to get the most return on your data.