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A managed service plan can ease the burden of data maintenance and optimization

Nick Amabile


August 18, 2022
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Once you’ve successfully navigated your company through the transition to a modern data stack, the hard part should be over.

Your data is now accessible in a cloud-based environment, and your teams gain insights from best-in-class business intelligence software. Once you know the ropes surrounding upkeep and support issues, your organization is off and running, right?

In theory, yes. But in reality, a sustainable data-driven business doesn’t come together so easily. Any consultants you hire to facilitate your migration to a modern data program will incorporate training into their implementation process. But where your business and its data go from there is ultimately up to you.

Without the skills or budget to dedicate toward managing your new data platform, you may not know where to turn. Maybe you have an analytics team that can interpret your data, but they’re not experts with your new tools. Consequently, you face loads of questions about how to move forward with your data, when the whole reason behind your modernization effort was to provide your business with answers.

If you have access to your data but lack the necessary maintenance, support, and optimization, your analytics goals will suffer. However, with our managed service offering, the long-term solution you need is now within reach.

How managed service saves your organization time and money

Once your organization has a new data platform, you have to ensure it receives the appropriate organizational support. After teaming with DAS42, some companies progress to building out their internal teams. But even your ability to assemble a new team is no guarantee of success.

As much as our FullStack approach is built on setting a good foundation and accelerating your implementation efforts, your organization may not always be best served by taking on multiple new hires. If you have the budget capacity to bring on employees to support your data platform, hiring new analysts isn’t always a guarantee that you’ll find the immediate help you need.

Analytics professionals may know data science and how to generate an SQL query, but they might not specialize in your specific tools. A complete modern data stack requires the seamless interaction of multiple technologies. Without the right level of experience, your new hires may have difficulty choosing from the many similar-sounding software tools at their disposal.

Plus, if yours is a smaller or mid-level organization, you face an even bigger challenge to hire the specialists your new infrastructure needs. Skilled data professionals are hard to find, expensive to hire, and difficult to retain. Managing your storage and analytics platforms is critical. But the effort ultimately falls outside the core functions of your business.

After all, it’s difficult and risky to try and reinvent the wheel when it comes to securing a return on investment from your modernization initiative. Instead, you can rely on the experts in establishing an effective data stack to maintain its performance within your organization.

Learn more about our managed service solution for Snowflake in action. Click here to read the DAS42 managed service Snowcase published by Snowflake.

A managed service solution simplifies the modern data stack

Whether you’ve worked with DAS42 on a project basis or not, our managed service offering eases the burden of supplying long-term administrative support to your data stack. Instead of searching for qualified experts who understand your specific business needs, your organization can rely on certified consultants to provide maintenance, answer questions, and resolve any issues.

Our managed service solution includes support for your data stack’s storage, transformation, querying, visualization, and analysis. As Elite Snowflake Service Partners, DAS42 also is among the few companies in the world that can offer this level of support for a cloud-based data warehouse.

With proven experience coupled with a track record for customer satisfaction, we provide your organization with the assurance it needs.

Long-term support provides the security your business needs

Our managed service program provides maintenance, support, and service in the demanding areas of your data platform that need it most. From simple requests like adding new users to error handling and code reviews, we provide support through video conferencing, Slack, and service tickets during the hours you need most.

Our managed service solution also provides your organization with a dedicated technical account manager. With service level agreements (SLAs) in place, your support team will triage issues with your data stack and respond within an hour for the most critical needs. But our FullStack approach to support extends beyond picking up when you need a service call.

Managed service ensures your data stack always runs at its best

With expertise across multiple industries, the experts at DAS42 also provide your data stack with ongoing, proactive optimization. Our managed service offering includes customizable packages to ensure your analytics efforts are getting the support they need.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the Looker experience for your users, our managed service program will keep your business intelligence efforts running smoothly. Through monthly performance reports, DAS42 also provides ongoing, proactive warehouse optimization to manage new workloads and use cases. Plus, we can provide additional customized training to the areas of your organization you need.

Our managed service plan provides proven best practices for your entire data stack. With the help of experts to ensure your tools perform at their best, you can accelerate their adoption across your organization.

Experience the benefits of a full-stack approach to managed service

Implementing an effective data analytics program requires that your data specialists deliver the storage and analytics tools your business needs. But beyond some training and enablement, most engagements leave you responsible for maintaining the path toward a sustainable data-driven culture.

If your organization lacks the budget, time, or ability to secure the resources a data program needs, you now have options. Instead of running the risk of recruiting and retaining the right specialist for your business, you can secure long-term access to the experts that best understand your needs. When you’re ready for a more manageable approach to your data, contact DAS42.