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Data & Analytics Services for Industry Leaders

The expert team at DAS42 employs best-in-class technologies to bring data and analytics to you. Constantly challenging the status quo in Business Intelligence, we offer some of the most innovative services in the industry ranging from data engineering to predictive analytics.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Explorative analytics and repeatable reporting entails intimate understanding of various BI tools. We foster a data-driven decision making culture.

Data Warehouse (DW)

Storing relevant data, optimized for fast, maintainable and scalable reporting

Data Engineering (ETL)

Extraction, Transformation and Load of various data sources to your centralized data warehouse either through a third-party tool or custom connectors

Our Founders

We ❤ data.



of business needs, current setup and data complexity

Roadmap Development

to achieve agile and reliable reporting

Best practices

an industry specific focus on actionable data


to detect issues in your data or reporting before anyone else does


fostering a data-driven decision making culture

Business Solutions


of third-party tools, best practices, and your roadmap


of existing technologies to allow growth and maintainability

Ongoing Support Services

if you need an expert, part-time

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“There are no facts, only interpretations.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche